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How Joanne Mwangi stepped off the corporate ladder to venture out on her own

Respected Kenyan entrepreneur Joanne Mwangi on growing her small firm into a regional group.

Meet the Boss: Joanne Mwangi, founder and CEO, PMS Group

“The future is in the young people. Those are the people who own Africa.”

The engaged economy: Are you really ‘connected’ to your customers in Africa?

“It’s not about the platform but about how you use the platform that matters.”

Mobile driving brand communication in Africa, says Ole! Media boss

Mobile is a big opportunity for the advertising industry and it will transform how brands engage with consumers.

Marketing and the mobile phone: Advice for businesses in Africa

Ole! Media Group founder describes the broad reach of mobile marketing campaigns.

Facebook in Africa: mobile phones and SME advertisers are key

Facebook is trying to grow its penetration on the continent by partnering with mobile operators and developers in Africa.

Africa: Continent of advertising opportunity

“The vast majority of people will experience the internet for the first time on a small feature phone.”

African ideas can work in Dubai, says Kenyan entrepreneur

“I am an ideas person. I like variety. I don’t like the day to day of running a business.”

Kenyan animator makes his mark on the advertising industry

A Kenyan animator is breaking ground and gaining business with his successful animated advertisements.

From small startup to one of Tanzania’s top ad agencies

When Roots Marketing Communications first opened shop in Tanzania, all the staff members lived in one house that doubled as the company’s office.

Africa one of the last frontiers for advertising industry

International advertising agencies are scrambling to get a foothold in the African continent – described as one of the last great frontiers for the industry.

Africa one of the last frontiers for world’s biggest advertising company

WPP, one of the world’s largest advertising firms, is actively pursuing opportunities on the African continent.