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Women in Africa need ‘a tough skin’ to succeed in the tech industry

Girl Geek Kampala aims to encourage more young women to enter the technology sector.

Entrepreneur left his banking job to launch mobile money product

The MPAYER product enables businesses to manage their financial and transaction systems more efficiently.

The engaged economy: Are you really ‘connected’ to your customers in Africa?

“It’s not about the platform but about how you use the platform that matters.”

Kenyan tech entrepreneur sees opportunity back home

“In the western world the rules have already been defined. Here it is a new territory and that is where the opportunity is.”

Mobile driving brand communication in Africa, says Ole! Media boss

Mobile is a big opportunity for the advertising industry and it will transform how brands engage with consumers.

Young Ugandan creates business management app for SMEs

“When you are selling to consumers they don’t care what technology you use, they only care about what they can do with it.”

Ghanaian messaging app Saya gains popularity in India

“Five months after the launch we got 14m people who had been invited by their friends to use the service.”

Entrepreneur talks about opening the first gaming studio in Central Africa

Cameroonian Olivier Madiba sees many growth opportunities for Africa’s gaming industry.

Swedish investors have eye on Africa’s ICT industry

Tech giant Ericsson is seeing “phenomenal potential” in sub-Saharan Africa.

Building apps for improved business efficiency in Africa

While technology can benefit business procedures, techie Lorenzo Boncompagni says companies need some convincing.

Savannah Fund looking for ‘the winners’ among Africa’s tech startups

“The best startups tend to be foreigners who come in because they have toiled,” says tech fund boss.

IBM manager highlights lessons learnt in Africa’s technology sector

What worked in Brazil, India or China will not necessarily work in Africa, says IBM East Africa head.

Meet the Boss: Nicholas Nesbitt, general manager, IBM East Africa

“We should really get to believe that we deserve better and then act upon it,” says IBM regional boss.

Meet the Boss: Fredrik Jejdling, head sub-Saharan Africa, Ericsson

“Learn something and go with a big, open heart into it,” advises telecom boss.

‘Africa still in early stages of adopting technology,’ says IBM boss

US firm IBM grows business in East Africa as more companies and governments start using technology.