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Airline Flydubai increasing its business on the continent

UAE’s low-cost airline Flydubai is increasing its routes to several destinations in northern and eastern Africa.

Talking Africa perceptions vs reality with the first woman to bike around the continent

South African Jolandie Rust shares some of her insight into, and experiences of, travelling in Africa.

The decline of Sudan’s cappuccino-sipping middle class

Sudan’s boom years ended when South Sudan seceded in 2011.

From Egypt to Zimbabwe: Seeing profits where others see instability

“Investors should focus on positioning themselves on the right side of policy, as opposed to politics.”

Which African cities will offer the best opportunities in the coming years?

PwC says investors should look beyond Lagos, Kinshasa and Johannesburg.

Crisis in South Sudan shows major business risks remain in parts of Africa

Recent violence in South Sudan could erase much of the country’s progress since independence.

China’s investment in Africa is positive, says advisor

The Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence is focused on improving relations between Africa and China.

Africa’s Luanda and Juba in the top five most expensive oil towns for expats

International surveys show the high cost of living in oil producing African cities.

How can African countries capitalise on the current geopolitical changes?

“The once dominant influence of the West is diminishing and it will have to metamorphose a new relationship with Africa.”

Professional services firms look beyond South Sudan’s challenges

“South Sudan, as part of East Africa, has the potential to become a substantial market in the next few years.”

What companies need to know about doing business in Sudan

Sudan may not be a country that many foreign investors are rushing into, but with its geographic positioning for trade, and opportunities in agriculture and mining, the economy does hold potential for those willing to take on a challenge.

Japanese tobacco firm excited about opportunities in Sudan

Tokyo-based Japan Tobacco recently announced a deal to buy a Sudanese cigarette manufacturer. We interview Fadoul Pekhazis, who looks after the company’s Africa business.

Airline sees surge in demand for travel to South Sudan

Demand for air travel to South Sudan is increasing, prompting Kenya Airways to double its flights to the capital Juba.

Kenyan food company riding healthy living wave

Azuri Health, a Kenyan enterprise that manufacturers and distributes healthy foods, is helping Kenya’s rural farmers get market access for their cereals and fruits.

Entrepreneur watch: Giving farmers a backpack for success

A backpack packed with everything you need to run a successful small-scale farming operation. This is what an innovative company is offering small-scale farmers in Kenya and southern Sudan.