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Burundi – more than black coffee and banana beer

This landlocked East African country has good potential for growth.

‘Don’t rush’ common currency IMF boss tells East African Community

“Make sure the East African Monetary Union can actually teach the Europeans how to do it right.”

Moving goods in Africa – what you need to know

Tielman Nieuwoudt offers advice on supply chain management in Africa.

Rwanda’s improving business environment is turning heads

The 2014 Doing Business report ranks the East African country at 32nd place globally in ease of doing business.

Top 10 list of most gender equal countries in Africa

A World Economic Forum report ranks African countries on their ability to close the gender gap.

Keeping it in the family: Manu Chandaria on the value of family ties in business

From its small start, Comcraft Group is now a global group of companies.

Meet the Boss: Manu Chandaria, industrialist

Now in his eighties, Manu Chandaria is concerned about Kenya’s poverty levels.

Seven strategies to success in Africa

Africa is a collection of diverse countries and business models need to suit the local environment.

Survey finds Africa’s growing economies fail to trickle down

Despite growth across the continent, the majority of Africans still live below the bread line.

Dubai investor expects ‘fast growth’ in Africa’s mid-market hotels

“Not everybody can afford $300 a night,” says Diar Capital founder as it moves into the mid-range hospitality market.

Don’t follow popular stories when investing in Africa, says analyst

“Africa is an example of how stories fuel expectations, and drive up asset prices,” says Amédi de Klerk.

Counting matters! Statistics are the backbone of proper planning

Outdated and incorrect data can skew perceptions about Africa’s growth.

Burundi promoting its business opportunities to South African SMEs

Burundi is looking to position itself as a business and trade hub.

Meet the Boss: Saidi Juma, Mayor of Bujumbura, Burundi

“In the job of being a mayor, there are many challenges, which can make us work through the night.”

Invest enough time in developing your business plan, says Burundi-based ICT entrepreneur

Thierry Ntako, CEO of Open-IT, talks about his plans for business expansion and the pros and cons of doing business in Burundi.