From rabbit meat to rice: Farming opportunities in Burundi

Claude Nikondeha

In Burundi, the agriculture and food industry presents a wealth of untapped opportunities, according to entrepreneur Claude Nikondeha, founder of Burundi Fortified Foods. For instance, the country consumes vast amounts of rice, but only a small percentage is produced locally. There’s significant potential in rice farming, not just for domestic consumption, but also for export to neighbouring regions.

Nikondeha also points out the growing opportunity in animal farming, specifically for rabbit meat, which is gaining popularity among the Burundian population. Most of the supply currently comes from outside the country, like Kenya, indicating a market gap ready to be filled.

However, Nikondeha emphasises the need for new technology and investment in industries that can transform raw materials into supermarket-ready products. Farming practices in Burundi remain largely unchanged from those employed 60 years ago. He suggests that packaging and exporting goods to neighbouring countries such as Tanzania, Rwanda and the DRC offer significant potential.