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Wheelbarrows of dollars: Understanding informal trade in East Africa

Informal trade shouldn’t be crushed, but rather formalised using incentives, says Ecobank research head.

Interview with Somali businessman Abdirashid Duale

“Somalis are by nature entrepreneurial, which explains the recent increase in investment in Mogadishu and other parts of Somali territories.”

Challenging perceptions about Somalia

“Urban businessmen, international corporations, and rural pastoralists have all functioned in stateless Somalia, achieving standards of living for the country that are equal or superior to many other African nations.”

Mogadishu: East Africa’s newest business destination?

“It is a once in lifetime opportunity to see a country being rebuilt. We have seen it in Rwanda and Sierra Leone. Every time that happens it brings great opportunities.”

Opening a bank in Somalia? Not a crazy idea, says businessman

Years of war has taken Somalia off the map as a business destination. But with calm returning to the country, a group of investors has identified an opportunity for a bank.

Opinion: Somalia should join EAC

Somalia should be invited to join the East African Community (EAC), writes Prof William Ochieng of Maseno University.

Canadian firm to start drilling for oil in Somalia

Canada’s Africa Oil is planning to start exploring for oil in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region.

Running a thriving money transfer business from Somalia

Somalia, a country that has over the years mostly made headlines for violent civil unrest and piracy, is an unlikely birthplace for one of Africa’s largest money transfer companies.