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Nigerian entrepreneurs launch solution to content sharing

Nigeria’s OTG Playa releases Storm content sharing device as a solution to poor bandwidth in Africa.

VIDEO: Africa’s gaming industry pioneer shares advice to aspiring developers

Watch our Skype interview with Eyram Tawia, co-founder and CEO of Leti Arts.

The model behind combining e-commerce with print media products

Online shopping adds value to advertising spend on Media24′s print publications.

The making of the middle class in Africa

The emergence of the middle class can only be sustained if strategies are put in place that expand prosperity for all.

Africa is not the new China, it’s the new Africa

Africa needs responsible leaders to fully realise its growth potential.

Hotel investors scout new opportunities for expansion across Africa

Despite the terrorist attack in Nairobi on the weekend, hotel groups met to discuss potential investments.

A Kenyan TV producer shares her thoughts on the business of showbiz

A Kenyan TV producer shares how she started out on her own.

iROKO co-founder explains why he is investing in Nigeria’s internet space

The number of internet startups in Nigeria is growing, and show potential for investment.

Networking is a powerful tool: Nine pointers to getting it right

“Entrepreneurs need to take a long-term approach and invest in networking and researching groups that might be relevant to their business.”

Nigeria is littered with opportunities, says technology entrepreneur

“From marketing to media to entertainment to content, entrepreneurs are making big bets on technology.”

Kenyan animator makes his mark on the advertising industry

A Kenyan animator is breaking ground and gaining business with his successful animated advertisements.

Top 10 social media tips for businesses

Social media is an extremely powerful tool with which to grow a business, but any campaign should be strategic and focused.

Farai Gundan discusses her business ventures and opportunities in Africa

Entrepreneur and media personality, Farai Gundan, shares her thoughts on Africa’s potential.

How Jennifer Barassa built one of Africa’s top advertising agencies

Jennifer Barassa, founder of Top Image, explains to Dinfin Mulupi how she started one of Kenya’s most successful advertising agencies.

10 things business people should know about dealing with the media

Talking with the media is a great way for a company or brand to gain exposure with the public, investors, and business partners.