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Using digital media to build brand image across Africa

TV ads, internet campaigns and social media affect Africans’ purchasing decisions.

Meet the Boss: Yolisa Phahle, CEO, M-Net

Television channel boss would like to see transformation in South Africa’s TV and film industry.

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Moonlight Café reaches out to young underground artists and discovers new talent in music and poetry.

Ten global communication trends companies need to know about

The digital era has dramatically changed the way companies and brands engage with their customers and other stakeholders.

The engaged economy: Are you really ‘connected’ to your customers in Africa?

“It’s not about the platform but about how you use the platform that matters.”

Five lessons I learnt about entrepreneurship from playing in a band

“Being in a band and chasing the magic fame dragon isn’t all that different to being an entrepreneur.”

Entrepreneur talks about opening the first gaming studio in Central Africa

Cameroonian Olivier Madiba sees many growth opportunities for Africa’s gaming industry.

Marketing and the mobile phone: Advice for businesses in Africa

Ole! Media Group founder describes the broad reach of mobile marketing campaigns.

Taking on the Nollywood pirates

Piracy and distribution are issues that are hurting Nigeria’s successful film and music industry.

Kenya’s Ken Oyaya on making money from doing what you love

Investing in and empowering his employees has allowed this entrepreneur to focus on growing his business.

Nigeria’s GDP rebasing: Could we see a 53% rise in January?

Next year Nigeria is likely to be the largest economy in Africa when it is expected to change the base year for its GDP calculations.

Mobile advertising in Africa: not there yet, but it should be

Advertisers have been slow to adapt to mobile technology.

London: The playground of rich Nigerians

An article in British magazine Tatler describes the lavish lifestyles of wealthy Nigerians living in London.

Paul Kagame: A digital president leading a technology movement

An avid user of social media, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame is pushing technological innovations.

Nigerian entrepreneurs launch solution to content sharing

Nigeria’s OTG Playa releases Storm content sharing device as a solution to poor bandwidth in Africa.