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Africa is not waiting for the west, says author

Journalist and author Dayo Olopade says there are numerous misconceptions concerning Africa.

Hooray for Nollywood: Opening up Africa’s creative frontiers

Adam Salkeld on promoting Africa’s creative industries.

What we learnt from organising Dakar’s first Restaurant Week

Adapting a popular concept to the local restaurant industry in Dakar turned out to be a success.

Mail & Guardian boss Trevor Ncube discusses his new pan-African news brand

M&G Africa aims to tell “the African story the way Africans tell stories”.

The truths and fictions of the Africa rising story

Nasser Sattar looks at the realities of Africa’s growth story.

Africa’s 15 hottest investment zones

Sub-Saharan Africa has seen a 4.7% increase in foreign direct investment in 2013.

Africa’s top six social entrepreneurs of the year announced

Social entrepreneurs are those with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

‘Africa’s Oprah’ showcases a different side of the continent

Nigerian TV leader Mosunmola Abudu is determined to portray Africa as a dynamic, modern place.

A look at foreign direct investment trends in Nigeria

While 52% of FDI went into the resource sectors, EY’s report highlights an increasingly diversifying economy.

App gives the inside scoop to Dakar’s nightlife

Senegal’s free Agendakar app connects users to happenings in the capital.

Internet access is no longer a luxury across Africa

Fibre-optic internet cables could leap-frog Africa into the future.

Using digital media to build brand image across Africa

TV ads, internet campaigns and social media affect Africans’ purchasing decisions.

Meet the Boss: Yolisa Phahle, CEO, M-Net

Television channel boss would like to see transformation in South Africa’s TV and film industry.

Young entrepreneurs showcase Ghana’s rising stars at Moonlight Café

Moonlight Café reaches out to young underground artists and discovers new talent in music and poetry.

Ten global communication trends companies need to know about

The digital era has dramatically changed the way companies and brands engage with their customers and other stakeholders.