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Report: Africa’s economic prosperity at risk from instability

Economic progress does not just depend on having impressive numbers of GDP growth, high-rise buildings or first-class highways.

The American entrepreneur who found his groove in South Sudan

Selling satellite phones, electronics and heavy vehicles is Ian Cox’s business.

‘Investors shouldn’t write off South Sudan just yet’

“It definitely takes a strong heart to decide to work in South Sudan.”

South Sudan conflict ‘could reinfect’ East African economic growth, warns analyst

Instability in South Sudan could negatively affect foreign investment and economic growth in the region.

Crisis in South Sudan shows major business risks remain in parts of Africa

Recent violence in South Sudan could erase much of the country’s progress since independence.

Unilever director rounds up consumer goods business in 2013

“It has been a year that has tested business and the capacity of business to survive at a time like this.”

Moving goods in Africa – what you need to know

Tielman Nieuwoudt offers advice on supply chain management in Africa.

‘Regional expansion is only logical,’ says Britam Group CEO

CEO Benson Wairegi highlights an effective team as integral to the success of his company.

Meet the Boss: TAD Watts, managing director, Boskovic Air Charters

Aviation boss highlights security as an issue Kenya needs to address.

Africa’s Luanda and Juba in the top five most expensive oil towns for expats

International surveys show the high cost of living in oil producing African cities.

How Indian vehicle manufacturers are winning in Africa

Since 2008 Indian car exports to African countries have grown 160%, shows report.

East Africa’s oil discoveries ‘may turn out to be a curse’, says analyst

While oil finds are expected to bring wealth, infrastructure, political and corporate challenges need to be overcome.

Meet the Boss: Manu Chandaria, industrialist

Now in his eighties, Manu Chandaria is concerned about Kenya’s poverty levels.

Kenyan property website gained success by being ahead of the game

A Kenyan entrepreneur saw a gap in the market and turned it into a successful business.

China pledges $43m grant to South Sudan mining industry

China invests in South Sudan’s as yet unexploited mineral deposits.