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A diamond in the rough: Adding value to Botswana’s minerals

The World Bank and others say adding value to raw materials is a dead-end street for African countries.

Six ideas to make a success of your African-based business in 2014

DHL country managers provide tips on doing business across the continent.

Google tailors products to African markets

Most Africans access the internet via their phones, affecting how Google develops new services.

How can African stock exchanges encourage more listings?

Listing and legal fees, and little chance to earn significant capital deter multinationals from listing on local stock exchanges.

Africa should focus on economic diversity

Professor Lemma Senbet urges African economies not to base growth only on natural resources.

Increased emerging market tourism to Africa driving new travel demands

Visitors to Africa are increasingly looking for family-orientated safari options.

How Botswana is positioning itself as a major diamond hub

The gravity of the diamond world is shifting towards Botswana due to a new development in which mining company De Beers is moving its sales activities to the Southern African country.

Getting the private sector involved in infrastructure development in SADC

The SADC recognises the importance of public-private partnerships in funding development projects.

Africa’s ‘glass with attitude’

Diamonds continue to be an important resource and source of wealth in many African countries.

Survey finds Africa’s growing economies fail to trickle down

Despite growth across the continent, the majority of Africans still live below the bread line.

‘You can’t grow a company if you become a bottleneck,’ says Kenyan entrepreneur

How we made it in Africa talks to Kenyan entrepreneur about tourism in the country.

Can trade make a difference in Africa?

Africa’s economic power is growing, and trade can significantly aid sustainable development.

Meet the Boss: Richard Malcolm, south and east African regional VP, Western Union

“Approach anything and everything with an attitude of energy and enthusiasm.”

‘Detailed plans are key to starting a business,’ says franchise owner

Starting a business takes detailed thought and hard work, and “sometimes you just have to walk away from ideas”, says construction entrepreneur Jonathan Pepler.

Don’t follow the herd when investing – lessons from Botswana

Many of us are conditioned to believe that the collective wisdom of the masses is superior to our own individual ideas.