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Big business potential in East Africa’s smaller cities and towns

Unpacking the potential in cities and towns such as Nakuru, Eldoret and Kahama.

Africa Tech Trends: The growing power of mapping

Tom Jackson looks at the most important developments in Africa’s technology industry.

South Africa’s energy crisis sparks interest in solar power

Interest in solar power solutions are rising as the country suffers under its unprecedented power generation crisis.

East Africa’s largest shopping mall to have strong international flavour

In October, Kenya-based investment company Centum will open the largest shopping mall in East Africa.

Disney film sparks new interest in chess in Uganda

The film production of The Queen of Katwe, about a young chess prodigy, has sparked new popularity for the game.

How Nakumatt became one of East Africa’s largest retailers

Nakumatt Holdings is a significant player in East Africa’s retail sector, generating $700m in annual gross revenues.

How Kaymu is tackling challenges facing e-commerce in Cameroon

A look at some of the challenges facing e-commerce in Cameroon, and the solutions one online marketplace uses to tackle them.

Ethiopian tech hub making life easier for entrepreneurs

It is an uphill battle for Ethiopia’s young tech entrepreneurs.

African trade policies have to match its industrialisation imperative

Without diversified economies, Africa will remain prone to exogenous shocks, with high levels of unemployment and extreme poverty.

Bring it on, Nakumatt tells foreign retailers set to enter Kenya

Kenyan retailer not fazed by foreign competition.

Ethiopia’s banking industry slowly evolving

Ethiopia’s financial services industry is one of the least developed in the region.

Connected East Africa: Kenya leads, the region follows

Regional ICT integration is very much on the agenda.

Chef wants to put Ethiopian cuisine on global map with cooking show

How we made it in Africa talks to chef Yohanis Hailemariam.

The implications of Nigeria’s historic election run deep

Opposition’s unprecedented win is an opportunity to tackle inequality, diversify Nigeria’s economy and encourage investment.

The gilded cage: Who does the CFA franc really benefit?

Does this regional currency benefit France and African elites at the expense of local economies?