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KFC, Subway, Steers: Talking restaurant franchising in East Africa

In the last five years a number of international restaurant franchises have opened in East Africa.

Navigating tax uncertainty in Africa

How can African governments balance the budget required for physical and social infrastructure with taxation required for economic growth?

People on the move: Austine Odhiambo, Retail Network Manager, Engen Kenya

“I admire US business mogul Donald Trump for his resilience.”

African CEOs are in the mood for partnerships

Nearly 50% of CEOs plan to pursue a joint venture or a new strategic alliance in the coming year.

Mark Mobius: The role of technology in accelerating emerging markets’ growth

Technology is linking potential customers to markets at a rate that would have seemed impossible even a decade ago

Making sense of Africa’s middle class

New study challenges some commonly held perceptions about the size of Africa’s middle class.

‘No secret to doing business in Africa,’ says Nakumatt MD Atul Shah

“Just deliver your promises to customers and respect the cultural norms.”

Restaurateur on why he is leaving KFC Kenya to rebuild the Kengeles brand

Gavin Bell hopes to take the lessons he has acquired running KFC to rebuild his brand Kengeles.

Ashish Thakkar on doing business in Africa… and becoming an astronaut

Ashish Thakkar is an entrepreneur with a vision of placing Africa at the centre of the world stage.

Why 100m Nigerians could soon have a MasterCard in their wallets

Nigeria’s controversial new MasterCard-branded identity card is a huge coup for the payments company.

Africa Tech Trends Wrap: Unexpected players entering the telecoms space

Tom Jackson on the latest developments in Africa’s technology industry.

Report reveals sub-Saharan Africa’s 10 most competitive economies

The World Economic Forum ranks the region’s most competitive countries.

40 African countries have a smaller GDP than US state of Vermont

Vermont has a larger economy than countries such as Côte d’Ivoire, Zambia and Mozambique.

Banking on BRICS

“If the BRICS countries are able to achieve unity of purpose, I think this group and its new development bank could become very powerful in changing the global financial landscape.”

Visa pushing for electronic payments in sub-Saharan Africa

Visa boss highlights the need to create awareness on the benefits of electronic payments.