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Africa Tech Trends: Reflecting on 2014

A look at some of the key trends seen in Africa’s tech industry over the last year.

Is Somaliland truly ‘open for business’?

In the northwest corridor of war-ravaged Somalia lies Somaliland, a self-declared independent state that claims to be open for business. Really?

Why a new fund is targeting intra-Africa trade

COMESA is set to see up to US$1bn injection with new trade finance fund.

Financing Africa’s massive projects

Innovative bankrolling gains popularity and raises high hopes among key countries.

How Alan Knott-Craig Jr is providing free Wi-Fi to townships

Alan Knott-Craig, of Project Isizwe, is partnering with governments to provide free public Wi-Fi, at a cost of only $0.09 per GB.

Africa Tech Trends: Mobile operators investing in start-ups

The continent’s mobile operators are investing in the new generation of start-ups.

Where in Africa would your dollars buy less?

Luanda, the capital of Angola, is the most expensive city in Africa for expatriates.

What Bitcoin could mean for remittances in Africa

Could Bitcoin help curb Africa’s loss of US$1.8bn annually in remittance fees?

Why Shoprite is teaming up with pizza chain Debonairs in Angola

“Angola is a lucrative market where we currently have no presence, and Shoprite has done a phenomenal job there.”

Sweet spot for African private equity is in smaller deals

As African private equity markets evolve, the ‘sweet spot’ is to be found at the smaller end of the deal size spectrum.

Africa’s five fastest-growing technology companies

A closer look at the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Africa top five winners.

Ten world-class African infrastructure projects

A new KPMG report highlights 100 of the world’s top infrastructure projects.

AGOA: The US-Africa trade dilemma

Though AGOA has been described as the cornerstone of US trade policy with Africa, its impact and benefits have been minimal.

Why a South African law firm is accepting Bitcoin as a payment option

Thomson Wilks is now accepting the crypto-currency Bitcoin as a form of payment from its clients.

Working for Aliko Dangote like doing an MBA, says Zambian entrepreneur

Talking business and entrepreneurship in Zambia with Monica Musonda, founder of Java Foods.