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Stop trying to control people or make them happy

“Companies are most productive when they harness – not hobble – the intelligence of their employees.”

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Have a clear brand message, and stay true to it

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First impressions are key to building lasting trust.

Why failure is sometimes a good thing

Sam Gichuru, CEO of Nairobi-based startup accelerator Nailab, says there are many lessons to be learned in failure.

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From market research to finding a good lawyer, Jacqueline Musiitwa shares her advice to foreign businesses.

South African businesses need to manage impact of public holidays

Due to the number of public holidays celebrated during April and May, this time of year has become a second festive season for many.

Kenyan doctor shares seven tips on how to succeed against all odds

Expand your boundaries and be persistent, advises Dr Betty Gikonyo.

Seven reasons why most startup businesses fail

Kenyan entrepreneur Sriram Bharatam shares his thoughts.

Exploring new business ventures in the South African market

The South African economy presents opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Why SMEs shouldn’t ignore corporate governance

“Entrepreneurs often feel that corporate governance takes up precious time and energy that they would prefer to put into running their business.”

Take a step back to think about the risks

Listing, assessing and managing the risks associated with your business is a good step to take.

Five business strategies to increase your success in Africa

Careful and strategic planning is the key to exponential success in Africa, says consultant Dr Harnet Bokrezion.

Black Like Me founder Herman Mashaba’s advice for entrepreneurs

“If you are going into business you must understand the consequences,” says prominent South African businessman.

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