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Tips for addressing Africa’s diversity

The size, diversity, complexity and volatility of Africa raise challenging organisational questions for companies.

Michael Jordaan compares winemaking and venture capital

Just like winemaking, growing a business requires patience and passion.

Five points to bear in mind before starting a business

Linda Descano shares her thoughts on getting your own company off to a good start.

A tool to help you make those difficult decisions

Wolfgang Fengler shares his decision matrix to assist in weighing up options and listing priorities.

Marketing and the mobile phone: Advice for businesses in Africa

Ole! Media Group founder describes the broad reach of mobile marketing campaigns.

How can companies thrive in the age of disruption?

Jeffrey A Joerres suggests companies need to be flexible in order to access and retain human talent.

How to best navigate the waters of securing finance for your business

Advice for entrepreneurs on how to access funding for their businesses.

VIDEO: A guide to impressing investors

Kenyan entrepreneur Tonee Ndungu shares his advice on attracting investors.

Putting the balance into MBA

To gain the most out of undertaking an MBA it is important to create balance between studies, life and work.

Five New Year’s resolutions for SMEs

The New Year is a good time to reflect on what needs to be improved or changed for the year ahead.

Five lessons learnt from doing business research in Africa

Conducting business in the continent can often be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

VIDEO: Tonee Ndungu’s 10 tips for entrepreneurs

Kenyan entrepreneur Tonee Ndungu outlines factors to achieving success in business.

Business leaders need courage and humility, says Unilever MD

“In today’s world you cannot be a leader that professes to know it all.”

Why business success comes from offering a promise, not a product

Disney World’s success comes from delivering on its promise to create magic, says Carl Bates.

The importance of personal stock taking for Africa’s SME owners

“In order to achieve and maintain a work-life balance, self-management and time management is needed.”