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Travelling in Africa is getting “easier”

It is getting easier to travel in Africa. So said Johan Badenhorst, South African filmmaker and adventurer, recently.

Illicit liquor: What you see is not what you get

World-wide the high demand for cheap alcohol has fuelled an illegal liquor industry that is hugely problematic for governments and legitimate stakeholders in the liquor industry.

SABMiller lures the home-brew consumer

“The average African worker must work three hours to earn enough to buy a 500 ml beer; in Europe only 12 minutes of work is required.”

Can Groupon and other daily deal websites really benefit your business?

Loraine Stander looks at common criticisms against group buying websites, and finds out how to make this new form of advertising work for your business.

How to make it in Africa? Unilever listens to the consumer

“There is a growing realisation that the future of Africa is based around a consumer rather than mining. This is a consumer that has been under-served and over-charged.”

The politics behind the “fakeness” of textiles in Togo

Many Africans would be surprised, maybe shocked, to learn that the fabric that they have always perceived to be truly African is not. Or is it?

Unlimited potential for direct selling of cosmetics in Africa

The growing African middle class presents endless opportunities for direct selling companies, especially those focusing on cosmetics.

Elizabeth Arden excited about possibilities in Africa

Cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden took a strategic decision two years ago to cater more specifically for the ethnic market, especially around skincare and colour.

Groupon South Africa successful despite depressed times

“We all need treats, even when things are a bit tight,” says Wayne Gosling, CEO of Groupon South Africa.

Was Chinaphobia the real reason for the Cameron delegation?

“We know that Britain has an agenda for Africa,” says Prof Chris Landsberg, head of the Department of Politics at the University of Johannesburg.

Exporting berries to the UK has its own unique challenges

How we made it in Africa’s Loraine Stander talks to Chrisleo Botha, owner of South Africa’s Blue Mountain Berries, about the challenges involved in exporting to the United Kingdom.

Africa’s largest flower auction sourcing from across the continent

Multiflora is Africa’s largest flower auction and sells 300 million flower stems per year from its premises in Johannesburg. The flower market currently sources flowers from across the continent.