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African youth hungry for connectivity

For millions of unemployed yet tech-savvy youth across Africa, increased connectivity is bringing tremendous opportunities.

Silicon Savannah: Time to grow up?

It’s raining in the Silicon Savannah, and unlike Nairobi’s unbearable traffic problem, no app has emerged promising to stop it.

Will Tanzania’s two new innovation hubs boost the country’s tech scene?

Two new innovation hubs are challenging the notion that tech just won’t take off in Tanzania.

How Rwanda is making a name for itself in ‘specialty’ coffee

Rwanda has transformed from an average C-grade market coffee producing country into one gaining significant traction in the global market for specialty coffee.

kLab: A space for innovation in Rwanda

kLab aims to become a central beacon for Rwanda’s ICT hopes and dreams, a melting pot where creative young talent can nurture innovation and find opportunity.

Pyrethrum: a white flower with significant business potential for Rwanda

A little white flower is bringing bright prospects for Rwanda’s economy, and the lives of thousands of small farmers in the process.

Erupting volcano helps double tourism in eastern DRC

With the Democratic Republic of Congo’s elections scheduled for today, a massive volcanic eruption in the eastern part of the country continues to attract foreign tourists.

A private sector approach to preserving Kenya’s wildlife

“I’m not ashamed to make profits, I want to make profits. But I want to come up with a way that’s a win-win for everybody.”

Agriculture should be a “knowledge-based entrepreneurial activity”

Young Africans can no longer afford to see farming as a last-ditch effort when all other opportunities fall through.

Eco-tourism gives ex-poachers a new chance

According to legend in Rwanda, the Batwa people were born to dance.

Improving the quality of Rwanda’s milk, while turning a profit

Rwanda Ventures is attempting to reshape the country’s entire dairy industry, while paying farmers a premium for quality milk.