Mango targeting Nigerian women with high street fashion

Spanish fashion retailer Mango aims to have a presence in each of Nigeria’s major cities.

Customers browsing in Mango's Lagos store.

Customers browsing in Mango's Lagos store.

Mango opened its first outlet in Lagos in December 2009 and has since also expanded to the capital Abuja.

“In the not so far future we plan to open another Lagos store in Ikeja and two others in Enugu and Kano,” Mango Nigeria’s Zainabu Jallo told How we made it in Africa.

“Mango is Nigeria’s first and only franchise of high street fashion. It terms of competition, there are a wide variety of dissimilar options to choose from with Nigerian designers doing fantastically well with ethnic fabrics. Mango will find her way into the same wardrobes of those who patronise other brands,” said Jallo.

“We can be differentiated for having a highly-defined concept. The Mango concept is based on an alliance between a quality product, with an original design and a coherent and unified brand image,” she added.

Mango has approximately 1220 stores in a total of 91 countries. The company operates on a franchise model.

“In keeping in line with Mango’s global image, we worked closely with the various departments at the headquarters in Barcelona to ensure that the vivid Mango reflection was achieved,” explained Jallo.