Five entrepreneurs who’ve spotted opportunities in Africa’s food industry

Africa’s food sector offers significant business opportunities for entrepreneurs. The continent’s population of over 1.3 billion is rapidly urbanising, which is boosting demand for processed and packaged foods. Although Africa has an estimated 65% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, it remains a net importer of food. In addition to catering for locals, businesspeople can also leverage the continent’s agricultural resources to produce food products for international markets.

Here are five entrepreneurs who’ve started food-related companies.

1. How Ghana’s Catherine Krobo Edusei capitalised on demand for high-end fresh produce

When Catherine Krobo Edusei first took her freshly grown herbs to the local supermarket in Accra, the manager didn’t know what they were. Read the full article.

2. Figuring out how to produce tomato paste in Nigeria: The story of Tomato Jos

American-born entrepreneur Mira Mehta is building a tomato farming and agro-processing business in Nigeria. Read the full article.

3. Founder of Uganda’s Cheers beverages brand now has sights set on fresh juice market

How Julian Omalla’s company became a serious player in Uganda’s beverages industry. Read the full article.

4. Food processing company taps into health trend with millet snacks

Irene Etyang

Kenya-based Irene Etyang’s company Akimaa Africa produces snack foods from millet, a cereal crop. Read the full article.

5. How this entrepreneur went where nobody goes to start dried fruit business in Mozambique

AfriFruta founder Jaco le Roux

In a remote area with little infrastructure and a dearth of educated workers, Jaco le Roux created a dried fruit business from scratch. Read the full article.