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Africa Tech Trends: Another week of farce on African digital migration

Tom Jackson talks about the reality of Africa’s unpreparedness for its migration to digital broadcasting.

Meet the Boss: Mustafa Suleimanji, MD, Lamudi

“It’s an exciting time in Africa and the internet is shifting the way we do business.”

Africa Tech Trends: The age of start-up accelerators

Start-up accelerators are common in Europe and the United States, but in Africa the concept is still very young.

New technologies – why emerging markets stand to gain

Fears over the impact of robotics and 3D printing are exaggerated and miss the huge potential benefits for emerging markets.

Start-up snapshot: Enabling Tanzanians to purchase event tickets with mobile money

Event-goers in Tanzania can now purchase tickets via their mobile phones using mobile money.

How South Africa’s top e-commerce store wins customer loyalty

Yuppiechef’s director, Paul Galatis, shares his tips for winning customer loyalty in the e-commerce industry.

Cecil John Rhodes didn’t do Africa nicely, but there are things we can learn from him

Despite his questionable approach to business, modern-day companies looking to sell into Africa can take a few hints from the mining magnate.

Meet the Boss: Andrew Waititu, MD, SAP East Africa

“One thing that takes people aback is when they figure out I’m also a DJ.”

Africa Tech Trends: Cash flowing in for start-ups; Uber’s Kenyan safari

This year could see more VC funding arriving at Africa’s shores.

Why technology is key to Africa’s future

Technology has been key to many of Africa’s most exciting developments in recent years.

It all depends on your attitude towards Africa’s challenges, says Avaya MD

How we made it in Africa talks to Hatem Hariri, managing director for Africa at business communications company Avaya.

Five South African tech start-ups who could make it big

Tom Jackson takes a look at five start-ups with products that could make them major players in South Africa and beyond.

Moving towards a cashless public transport system in Kenya

The ‘My1963′ card enables passengers to pay their fares without using cash.

Meet the Boss: Hatem Hariri, MD for Africa, Avaya

Seriously, you can’t learn leadership from books. You have to live it.

Jonathan Somen’s journey of building and selling a multi-million dollar IT business

Jonathan Somen is one of East Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs.