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E-commerce site connects craftswomen to global market

Online platform Soko enables Kenyan artisans to sell their handcrafted jewellery to a wider market.

Smart shoppers: Value matters to African consumers

As disposable income is limited, African consumers are selective and smart about what they purchase.

‘Business is not a short sprint, it’s a marathon,’ says baby product maker

Kenyan entrepreneur has filled a gap in the market selling locally made baby care products.

The power and promise of brands – and the perils of a ‘one size fits all’

African consumers are highly brand conscious compared with consumers in other countries around the world.

The ‘absurdity’ of manufacturing in Africa

African cocoa farmers see tiny portion of profits from finished products.

Africa must do more to unlock potential for rising intra-African trade

Exports by African countries to their peers on the continent have surged by 32% since the 2008 economic downturn.

Consumer market investment prospects in Nigeria revealed

A Q&A session with KPMG partner Toyin Gbagi highlights potential for business in the West African nation.

Why a Nigerian fashion startup decided to accept Bitcoin as payment

Nigerian fashion label Minku is the first Nigerian startup to accept Bitcoin.

How bamboo bikes gave women a new future in Ghana

The Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative trains women to become highly proficient bike builders.

How a broken iPod inspired a young entrepreneur’s Apple repair business

From its start in his university dorm room, Alex Fourie’s repair service has grown into a successful chain of stores.

Nestlé expects ‘major growth’ in Kenya when oil starts flowing

Food and beverage multinational is growing its coffee and cereal brands across East Africa.

Why an investment banker quit his job in Paris for a cosmetics firm in Cameroon

“Africa was booming and my dreams seemed more feasible over there.”

Private equity firm explains why it is backing the East African growth story

“The macro story in East Africa echoes that of Africa, and that makes it a relatively more attractive region.”

Treading a new path: Growing Ethiopia’s factory floors

A major Chinese shoe manufacturer is lacing up for the long run in this economic powerhouse. Will others follow?

The American entrepreneur who found his groove in South Sudan

Selling satellite phones, electronics and heavy vehicles is Ian Cox’s business.