Zimbabwean food company uses independent sales agents to boost distribution

Lesly Marange, founder and CEO of Glytime Foods

Lesly Marange, founder and CEO of Glytime Foods

Zimbabwean health-food company, Glytime, has expanded its product distribution beyond brick and mortar retail chains by enlisting independent sales agents.

Lesly Marange, Glytime founder and CEO, is keen on establishing the company’s own sales channels and route to market for its products which range from granola and roasted maize to low-sugar cookies.

The majority of the independent agents that Glytime collaborates with are young individuals who promote the company’s products in educational institutions, hospitals, corporate environments, and various events. Currently, there are over 100 of these sales agents, who together account for about 12% of the company’s total sales.

There are two ways these salespeople work with Glytime:

  • Agents buy stock worth a minimum of US$50 at a reduced rate, then resell it at their chosen markup.
  • For those lacking upfront capital, Glytime provides the stock. After reselling, the agents return the revenue to Glytime and earn a commission ranging from 10% to 12%, depending on their sales volume.

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