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How resource extraction is developing Africa’s hospitality industry

Foreign interest in oil and gas discoveries in eastern Africa means more business for hotels in those regions.

Five African boom towns offering untapped opportunities

Across sub-Saharan Africa there are towns and cities experiencing fast growth on the back of new mining and oil projects or other business activities.

Seven reasons to pay attention to the Swahili language

Swahili could become a more important language, and anyone looking to Africa should pay attention to it.

For Africa By Africa – a consumer trend to watch out for in 2014

African companies are creating products specifically for consumers on the continent.

Africa ‘has potential to grab global manufacturing opportunity’

Africa should focus on developing a range of economic activities and the skills to match these.

Will Africa’s natural resources boom benefit the poor?

Anand Rajaram highlights the need to ensure revenues from oil, gas and mining benefit African populations.

Fastjet likely to become more pan-African in 2014

Low-cost carrier Fastjet looks to expand routes across the continent.

Our top five Meet the Boss interviews of 2013

We highlight our most prominent interviews with business bosses.

South African agri-focused businesses show increasing interest in Africa

With the land and water resources, Africa has the potential to meet the world’s food needs.

Africa should focus on economic diversity

Professor Lemma Senbet urges African economies not to base growth only on natural resources.

Assessing risk and opportunity in Africa

EY report highlights foreign direct investment into sub-Saharan Africa, particularly South Africa.

Multinational brewers turn to cassava for low-cost beer

SABMiller and Diageo source cassava from small-scale farmers for their locally-brewed beers.

Getting the private sector involved in infrastructure development in SADC

The SADC recognises the importance of public-private partnerships in funding development projects.

Top 10 list of most gender equal countries in Africa

A World Economic Forum report ranks African countries on their ability to close the gender gap.

African Land Investments to buy shopping malls and office complexes

“It was high time for somebody to set up a venture or a company that is going to be looking at acquiring completed properties.”