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Ebola could impact Africa’s business landscape for years to come

A key impact of the Ebola outbreak is that food prices are rising in affected countries, as flights are suspended to these areas.

West Africa/Ebola: Getting the right narrative and focusing on the bigger picture

Ebola is a major tragedy and need to be fought with all necessary resources, yet there are bigger economic issues out there to watch.

Beyond the health crisis, Ebola hits Liberia’s economy hard

The Ebola outbreak threatens to reverse much of the economic progress Liberia has made over the past decade.

Ebola: 50% of multinationals have no policy to deal with pandemics

New survey reveals many global companies are not prepared to cope with pandemics.

Will West Africa’s proposed ‘eco’ currency ever float?

Plans to launch a common currency flounder in West Africa.

Seeing investment opportunities in post-war Liberia and Sierra Leone

The West Africa Venture Fund hopes to stimulate economies affected by years of conflict.

Unemployed Liberian youth gravitate to sports gambling

Regulated by the government, sports betting is taking off in Liberia.

How can African countries capitalise on the current geopolitical changes?

“The once dominant influence of the West is diminishing and it will have to metamorphose a new relationship with Africa.”

Hospitality group expects ‘to make a lot of money’ in West Africa

Mangalis Management is an African hospitality group that wants to put Africa on the map.

Consumer growth is a reality in Liberia, says local Coca-Cola bottler

The Coca-Cola Company has a plan to empower women through its 5by20 programme.

Africa can invent: Leapfrogging in unsuspected areas

African countries need to increase spending on research in order to grow innovation.

There is a first mover advantage in francophone Africa, says expert

French-speaking African countries offer just as much investment potential as their English-speaking counterparts.

Eight years on: Post-war optimism in Liberia

“Despite Liberia’s improvements, business people should not lose sight of the fact that the country is still in a recovery phase.”

BHP Billiton, ArcelorMittal terminate discussions to combine West Africa assets

BHP Billiton and ArcelorMittal today jointly announced they have ended discussions to combine the two companies’ iron ore interests in Liberia and Guinea into a single joint venture.

Private equity fund invests in three Ecobank subsidiaries

The Ecobank Group has announced that it has reached an agreement with Advanced Finance & Investment Group for an investment of US$14 million in three of its subsidiaries.