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Four ways how technology can boost African farming

The one area where technology can have the greatest impact in Africa is in the agricultural industry, the largest economic sector in most countries on the continent.

Low-cost airline fastjet could enter South African market, maybe before Christmas

New African low-cost airline fastjet could soon enter the South African market, possibly before Christmas.

Ten African countries with high consumption growth potential

Which African countries have the best outlook for consumer goods?

Luxury hotel group Four Seasons sees potential in sub-Saharan Africa

“We have long wanted to expand into sub-Saharan Africa and offer new outdoor adventure experiences to our guests.”

Can Africa’s new low-cost airline replicate the success of easyJet?

Africa’s new low-cost airline FastJet has announced that it will take to the skies by October this year.

Want to invest in African agribusiness? Nine specific opportunities

There has been much talk about the potential for investment in Africa’s agribusiness and food industries. But what are the particular opportunities?

Africa’s ballooning cities – an opportunity for agriculture

Africa’s fast growing cities present a major opportunity for the continent’s agricultural sector, says Amine Tazi-Riffi, a senior partner at McKinsey & Company.

Africa the last frontier for aviation industry, says easyJet founder

“Past experience shows by halving fares, a successful low-cost carrier can encourage those people, who have never previously travelled by air, to fly.”

Nigerian government functions in for some local flavour

Nigerian public officials with a taste for the country’s local food might find future government functions a little more enjoyable.

Four things you should know about Africa’s retail environment

With the majority of Africans still shopping at small informal outlets, getting your product into the hands of the consumer is not always straightforward.

Why a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work in Africa

Large income disparities and diverse attitudes exist among African consumers, leading to very different spending and media consumption habits.

Is Africa’s negative image justified? Eleven viewpoints

Is the way that Africa is being portrayed in the international media a true reflection of what is happening on the ground?

Understanding Africa’s seven types of consumers

Research firm Nielsen recently identified seven types of African consumers that companies need to be aware of as they target their products to the continent.

Executives give insight into Africa’s investment environment

Executives from KPMG, Helios Investment Partners and the Tata Group share some insights into a variety of topics related to Africa’s investment environment.

Exporters targeting Nigeria’s growing taste for wine

Nigeria is becoming an increasingly important market for wine exporters.