Swedish telecoms infrastructure company opens Nairobi office

Sweden-based Flexenclosure, a supplier of environmentally friendly telecom base station site solutions, today announced the opening of a new office in Nairobi, Kenya.

Flexenclosure said in a statement that the objective behind the new office is to “strengthen the company’s position [in] the important African market and to be better able to support its clients in the region, many of which are already using the company’s E-site solution or switching stations.”

The new Nairobi office is already fully operational and is headed by Jonas Högström, Flexenclosure’s Vice President Sales Africa.

“With our focus on emerging markets – since our products are very suitable for off-grid conditions – the opening of an office covering the important East African market is a natural step, hopefully followed by an ever better footprint on the African continent soon,” said Stefan Jern, CEO of Flexenclosure.

Flexenclosure’s E-site soluiton is a “green” off-grid base station powered mainly by renewable energy sources (sun and wind) and controlled by an intelligent control system.

According to the company, results from operations at sites in East Africa show a more than 90% savings in fuel and a more than 80% savings in operating expenses, and the reduction of the need for maintenance visits to only one per year. Emissions of carbon dioxide were also reduced by over 90%.

Another core product area is modular and prefabricated switching stations specially designed to house sensitive switching and telecom equipment.