Revolutionary hand pump for Africa

South Africa-based JOOSTE CYLINDER & PUMP COMPANY manufactures an innovative hand pump for the African market.

The JOOSTE hand pump can be used for various purposes.

The JOOSTE hand pump can be used for various purposes.

JOOSTE’s founder Christie Jooste has received multiple awards, of which the most notable the Cullinan Award for Good Engineering in 1993. In the course of time Christie Jooste was awarded another five design awards for creative inventions.

Hailed as a revolutionary breakthrough, the JOOSTE hand pump is designed to operate much lighter than any other on the market. The pump’s cylinder is specially designed to eliminate friction and consequently operates with far less power than a normal cylinder.

The product is suitable for household and rural water supply and can also be used for small-scale irrigation.

The JOOSTE hand pump can be used to pump water from depths of up to 60 metres, by either pulling the handle up or pushing it down, depending on how the pump is assembled.

The pump’s features include:

  • Rapid short stroke to save energy
  • Force head fitted
  • Can lift water up to 10 metres above the surface from a depth of 60m deep boreholes
  • Ideal for pumping water into a tank
  • Interchangeable stroke arm
  • Weight counter balanced by heavy duty spring to facilitate pumping
  • More water with less effort
  • Adjustable leverage for different depths
  • Solid steel construction

JOOSTE provides free technical advice for any installation as required.

Other products


JOOSTE is renowned for its cylinders, which can be driven by a windmill, power head (e.g. diesel powered) or hand pump. The company produces three types of cylinders:

  • The standard model AS can effectively be operated by the windmills to a depth of 50m and comprises of a rod, piston with one ring and 500mm cylinder.
  • The Deep Borehole Cylinder Model ASRD is suitable for boreholes to a depth of 200m and comprises of a rod, piston with two rings and 600mm cylinder with a built-in rod support.
  • JOOSTE force cylinders are used for surface pumping and capable of delivering water to a height of 250m and over a distance in excess of 5km. It comprises a force head with packing, cylinder 600mm, piston with two rings and rod and suitable valves.

Ball Valve

The JOOSTE ball valve is an award winning patent designed to control water levels and provide substantially more water under very low pressures. This makes it extremely suitable for animal drinking troughs. The unique design uses the water pressure to close and therefore also operates very effectively under high pressures if required.

Contact Details

For more information about JOOSTE’s products, please contact Christie Jooste at:

Email: [email protected]


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