QuickBooks is proud to announce the launch of QuickBooks 2015

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QuickBooks is proud to announce the arrival of QuickBooks 2015, their latest software release that boasts a number of user-friendly enhancements but as always, retains the simple, easy to use functionality that is synonymous with the QuickBooks brand. This version of QuickBooks is by far the fastest QuickBooks ever and delivers the most outstanding performance and quality.  

The launch of QuickBooks 2015 also brings with it a new, modern and more streamlined QuickBooks logo. Quickbooks Logo updated for press office

This has been carried through to the software which has undergone multiple interaction and visual changes and now offers more modern rendering from QuickBooks Pro all the way through to QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Accountant. The new software is even more focused on customers, hugely efficient and if possible, offers even better reporting in either PDF or excel formats. As always, QuickBooks has taken historical customer experience into account when developing the software and ensured that all focus group feedback has been addressed. One of the most noticeable improvements is the hugely enhanced functionality to facilitate personalization within the product. The new annotation option, ‘Notes Fix’, allows users to individualise reports and gives them the opportunity to add useful information.

Another new introduction within the Income Tracker is the ability to capture Unbilled Time and Expenses. Being able to capture this information gives business owners a more reliable picture of where their time is being allocated and whether or not too much unbillable time is being spent on certain clients. Increased functionality of QuickBooks 2015 is further showcased with the fact that it is now possible to send the company file to ones accountant with one simple click, making for much more efficient communication.

Other advancements include the Homepage, which has been hugely enhanced to ensure that business owners can get insights into what is happening in their business every minute of the day. An add on to this is the Reminders Window, which at a glance gives an overview of what the company accounting priorities are at any time. With these facilities, users can get an end-to-end view of all income related transactions in one place.

QuickBooks is renowned for its easy reporting and with QuickBooks 2015, the reporting pane has been redesigned to make reports even easier to read and more functional for those working with them. More personalisation has been built in to this area of the software by way of a new pane that has been added to the bottom of reports, allowing your accountant to add an executive summary at the bottom, which can be shared via e-mail internally. Although this is a small addition, it is certainly a hugely user-friendly one!

QuickBooks understands that upgrading software is perceived to be a hassle, so they have worked hard to ensure that upgrading to QuickBooks 2015 is easier than ever! They have focused on optimising the upgrade experience, guiding customers through the process, even ensuring that there is a back-up copy of the users company file to ensure that no information is lost or any data corruption experienced. To make the transition even easier, training on QuickBooks 2015 commences in January 2015 and will be offered Nationally.

Some of the benefits of QuickBooks 2015 are that it offers enhanced functionality, is easy to set up, learn and use and in line with the QuickBooks promise, it makes accounting easy. Being the fastest QuickBooks ever, it will save users even more time so that they can focus on investing more time in growing their business. It allows customers to gauge the performance of their business at a glance and reduce time spent on their finances and new workflows, with fewer steps needed to complete tasks. QuickBooks 2015 will make sure that you Work Smarter, Not Harder.

For more information on QuickBooks 2015, visit www.QuickBooks.co.za or call 0861 726 657.

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