Profit-making idea: Technology could transform education sector

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How we made it in Africa recently asked Gustaf Agartson, CEO of emerging markets insurance player BIMA, to identify one untapped business opportunity in Africa. Here is his response:

“I truly believe that investment in e-learning and technology in education is the next biggest, untapped opportunity.

“In many African countries, the education system is noticeably not as good as it could be – there is now a huge opportunity of using technology to transform the sector while making the learning process more enjoyable.

“Education is a key success factor for the continuous development of Africa: families realise the importance of it, and parents spend a significant portion of their income on their children’s education.

“We should be looking to leverage technology to disrupt education to improve… standards and to make learning a fun process – from supporting… [pupils] to learn a new language to coming up with more interactive, entertaining, and, ultimately, efficient ways of studying.”