Profit-making idea: Outsourcing technicians to rural areas

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In a recent interview, we asked Athina Kyriakopoulou, CEO of Phenix Recycling, to name a business opportunity she would still like to pursue. Phenix Recycling is a Tanzanian company that provides bespoke sustainable waste management to businesses and organisations in East Africa. Here was Kyriakopoulou’s response:

“There is a huge opportunity to formalise technical skill service provision in rural areas. Logistics and transportation is a huge challenge, and one of the largest costs for technology companies deploying their products to swaths of the region is getting there and keeping the equipment working. East Africa doesn’t lack in creativity and ingenuity in its technicians, but it does in formal skills. There is an opportunity to set up a network of technicians with third party validated quality to outsource to technology companies, such as solar and telco, in rural areas.”