Products to keep Africa’s poultry flocks disease-free

We talk to Immuno-Vet Services’ Dean Hewson about poultry health in Africa and the products the company can offer farmers to protect their birds against disease.

Immuno-Vet Services can provide all the health requirements a poultry farmer needs.

Immuno-Vet Services can provide all the health requirements a poultry farmer needs.

How would you describe the state of poultry health in Africa? Are farmers taking the necessary precautions?

The general health situation of our poultry flocks has shown significant improvement in recent times. We nonetheless still have a long way to go. The large-scale movement of live birds remains a major underlying problem which contributes greatly to the spread of disease on our continent.

What are the major poultry diseases African farmers should protect their birds against?

For broilers the most important diseases farmers should be aware of are Newcastle disease, Gumboro disease and Mycoplasmosis. Layer and breeder birds are most affected by Newcastle disease, Mycoplasmosis, Marek’s disease and infectious Bronchitis.

Give us a brief overview of the products Immuno-Vet Services can offer Africa’s poultry farmers

Immuno-Vet Services can provide poultry farmers with a complete range of vaccines against all major diseases. We also provide tried and tested soaps and disinfectants for cleaning of poultry housing facilities. In addition the company has a comprehensive range of antibiotics to treat sick birds as well as nutrient supplements, equipment and laboratory testing kits for poultry diseases. In short we can provide all the health requirements a poultry farmer needs. We also spend a lot of time training farmers and improving the skills of their staff on the farms.

From your base in South Africa, Immuno-Vet Services is also very active in the rest of Africa. Are you seeing growth in demand for your products from other countries on the continent?

South Africa remains the largest poultry producer in Sub-Saharan Africa by a considerable distance. There are, however, some countries in the region where the industry has made significant growth in the past ten years. Imports from Latin America in particular do in certain cases hamper the development of the local industry. Immuno-Vet Services provides the ideal platform to companies outside our border to source all the products in one basket. The long-term forecast for the African poultry industry remains positive and we are excited to be part of it.

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