Polyoak’s innovative aseptic carton packaging

Explore the latest exciting shapes for aseptic cartons from Polyoak Packaging.

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Polyoak Packaging’s new division, Dairypack Cartons, now distributes aseptic packaging systems throughout Southern Africa, in exclusive partnership with IPI.

IPI is a full system supplier that has been providing fully integrated filling machines, multi-layer packaging and closure solutions for the aseptic packaging of liquid products in multilayer structure for over 35 years. The company forms part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based companies operating globally and headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

Polyoak has partnered with IPI to offer the market new and exciting carton shapes, to push the boundaries of the standard ‘carton brick’. It is a synergistic fit with a focus on packaging innovation and unrivalled customer service.

“Polyoak has a long-established presence in the liquid food packaging market and, along with our core focus on customer service, and on producing high volume, high-quality plastic packaging, we are confident that this partnership will drive innovation in the African carton market,” says Garron Boshoff, Polyoak Executive.

Polyoak now offers a broad range of aseptic pack sizes (from 100ml to 1000ml) in different shapes, constituting 28 exciting options for customers to select from. The full system service includes fully integrated filling machines, multilayer packaging and matching closures, as well as the necessary downstream equipment for secondary packaging, to produce a finished product at the highest quality.

Polyoak partnered with Greenway Farms to launch Rugani Carrot Juice in the elegant SuperSlim aseptic carton.

This is augmented by Polyoak’s technical support on the ground and its extensive distribution networks which are already well-established in the liquid food, juice and dairy markets throughout Southern Africa.

Boshoff concludes, “Aseptic multilayer packaging is well suited for the dairy, fruit juice and liquid food markets, particularly in regions where the finished product is transported long distances or where refrigeration is a challenge. Polyoak looks forward to partnering with customers to explore and commercialise packaging opportunities to grow their business.”

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