Overcoming language barriers in Angola

Question: Is it difficult for English speaking people to do business in Angola, given that the majority of the population speaks Portuguese?


Yes, it was and still is challenging to set up and operate a business in a new country with a different language and culture. Fortunately Shoprite has gained valuable experience in the Portuguese market in Mozambique, where the Group has been trading since August 1997.

We had to meet Portuguese labelling requirements for all imported groceries and perishables with the help of our suppliers, while the company is also continuously working with local Angolan suppliers to meet our quality and packaging standards to increase the participation of local products on offer.

The company has also managed to recruit and train Angolan staff members in various positions, which helped to overcome the language barrier in both operations, and communications with our customers. This falls in line with Shoprite’s policy to develop local talent as far as possible, while ensuring that the business is well positioned and relevant to the Angolan market.

Question answered by Francois Viviers, Shoprite Group of Companies marketing manager for Africa

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