New generation Quick Payroll launched by EasyBiz QuickBooks

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EasyBiz QuickBooks has launched their new generation Quick Payroll package, which offers a number of enhancements, making it the quickest and most feature-rich payroll package they have offered yet. Whether you run a one-person business or one that employs thousands, the one piece of financial software that you will find essential (next to your accounting software) is payroll software.

There is a reason why it is essential. In an ever-changing work environment where governments are constantly updating their statutory demands, your payroll must always accurate. Quick Payroll removes the stress of running your own business by ensuring that users have the correct financial tools at their disposal all of the time.

Just some of the reasons to consider Quick Payroll’s newest generation software are the following; like QuickBook’s accounting software, Quick Payroll is easy to use; with Quick Payroll, you will always be updated with the latest software and legislative version; Quick Payroll enables you to easily store and access comprehensive, statutory employee details, while keeping payroll data safe and secure with tight security control through password protection and user-set access levels.

With Quick Payroll, you have the ability to set your own company payroll parameters such as fringe benefits and company contribution definitions. The package is SARS compliant, ensuring that EMP/201 and EMP/501 tax submissions are made quickly and simply. In the same vein, Quick Payroll guarantees accurate PAYE, UIF, SDL and WCA calculations as well as generating annual, electronic IRP5’s and IT3A’s. Quick Payroll brings users superior workflow integration in the e@syFile format. Additionally, Quick Payroll software takes the stress out of your compulsory EMP501 submissions, by facilitating hassle-free record and document storage.

There are many elements built into this software that allow for personalisation, for example, the system can manage employee loans on a monthly basis as accumulative balances are displayed in an easy to understand format. Users can create an unlimited number of transactions for different rates of normal and overtime pay. With Quick Payroll, it is also easy to process special or additional pay runs and perform ‘what if’ pay slips. With Quick Payroll, there is an automatic accrual of leave days due, automatic leave pay-out calculations on termination of employees and an automatic calculation of BCEA leave rates per employee.

From a size point of view, Quick Payroll is unlimited in terms of the amount of employees it can handle, meaning that whether you are a small business with limited staff or a large conglomerate with hundreds of staff, there is a package for you. Also, with just one Quick Payroll software package, you can run the accounts for multiple companies, so long as each is represented by at least one employee. This solution even supports multiple company files. Also, no matter how many different pay schedules you have to run, Quick Payroll software will simply and conveniently keep track of all outgoing finances, making sure your employees are paid on time whether it is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Security and data protection are obviously key within the Payroll space and with Quick Payroll. Regardless of the size of the accounts department, the software allows users to enjoy tight security through password protection and user-set permission levels. This guarantees that data can only be read by authorised parties.

Quick Payroll software allows users to produce and manage huge amounts of data, from performance details and records, to staff contact information. This ensures that you remain organised and effective in your business administration.

“Quick Payroll 2016 offers huge enhancements and new functionality to make it the best payroll package that we have delivered to date. We are proud to bring this to market in line with our ambitions of giving businesses in South Africa the best possible software tools to ensure their success,” said Gary Epstein, MD of EasyBiz QuickBooks.

When purchased, Quick Payroll offers free support for the first year as well as legislative and product updates. After the first year, Quick Payroll is then subject to an annual licence fee. To find our more about Quick Payroll, visit or call 0861 726 657.

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