Finance ready plan: Lighting rural areas using solar technology

Illumination East Africa (iEA), Tanzania

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Illumination East Africa (iEA), aims to provide affordable, purpose built and designed solar chargeable LED lamps – reducing greenhouse emissions, as caused by traditional kerosene lamping, whilst also saving money for families who use them. The average Tanzanian household spends between US$15-32 a month on traditional lighting methods. That is candles, wood burning or kerosene. Illumination is a deliberately commercial enterprise with social and environmental goals.

The key idea for Illumination is to create a sustainable business model which effects large scale change in the rural areas. Their main product is solar lights designed specifically to suit both the rigours of everyday use and the purchasing capacity of the target customers. The units are priced marginally above their landed cost to ensure maximum market penetration. To date more than 20,000 pieces have been distributed to five different Districts of Tanzania. Find out more about illumination East Africa’s plans to provide rural lighting here.

Sector: Renewable Energy
Finance needed: US$200,000 – $500,000

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