Video: Lagos Business School prof on how multinationals can succeed in Africa

Prof. Kayode Omoregie

Prof. Kayode Omoregie

Kayode Omoregie, a professor at the Lagos Business School (LBS) in Nigeria, recently shared some tips on how South African companies can succeed in doing business in other parts of Africa.

Omoregie led a group of the LBS International Management Programme to the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB).

The three tips he shared was:

  • Make sure your product is internationally competitive and relevant to the market you are taking it to;
  • Ask yourself if you have the right strategic partners, who have deep knowledge of the local market; and
  • How do you plan to integrate yourself into the local culture?

“The fact that we are one continent does not necessarily mean that we behave, think and do things in the same way,” he warns.