In pictures: Africa at work

Delivered by DHL

The DHL Africa as One team embarked on a grand and ambitious journey, driving across Africa in three Land Rover Discoveries, while capturing every step of the way in words, photographs and video, and then sharing this content with Africa and the world. The 11 month journey started in Cape Town in October last year, and ends in London for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, of which DHL is the official logistics partner.

In the above slideshow we showcase some of the entrepreneurs and businesses the team have met so far. From photographers to artisanal miners, Africa has no shortage of resourceful individuals moving the continent forward.
#1 Swaziland

In Swaziland the team visited a glass factory. “It makes us happy that we can use our hands to make things that other people can use,” says James Magagula, one of the glass blowers.
#2 Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean afro-fusion band Mokoomba has taken its brand of music to stages across the world, including Europe and Asia. London’s The Guardian newspaper described Mokoomba as “Africa’s most internationally successful young band after a rise that is as deserved as it has been remarkable”.
#3 Malawi

Lake Malawi is an important resource to everyone in the area. The fish they catch are known as kapenta and are caught at night using kapenta rigs. For those living around the lake, the daily grind starts as 6am as the adults collect the fish trapped in nets during the night.
#4 Kenya

A street merchant in Kenya selling accessories.
#5 Zambia

A tailor at a market in Zambia.
#6 Kampala, Uganda

Bosco, also known as ‘The godfather of shoes’, at the Owino Market in Kampala.
#7 Jinja, Uganda

Motorcycle taxi drivers cleaning their bikes. They make a living transporting locals and tourists around Jinja, a town in Uganda.
#8 Lagos, Nigeria

In Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos there are construction sites everywhere. One project is the Eko Atlantic City where reclaimed land from the Atlantic Ocean is being turned into a property development expected to house hundreds of thousands of people.
#9 Windhoek, Namibia

Clara is a graphic designer with a mad vision. She has recently developed a project where she takes traditional African games and packages them for the consumer market. “I felt as a graphic designer I could use packaging to keep these games alive – the same way you find your Monopoly or Scrabble game packaged,” says Clara.
#10 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Michael Tsegaye is a well-known professional photographer from Ethiopia. He spoke of how fast Addis Ababa has been developing in the last few years.
#11 Cameroon

Along the Wouri river in Cameroon there is a booming sand mining business. Most of the mining is done by two man teams. A boat is taken to a mining area and a diver dives down to scoop the sand into a bucket before returning to the surface and emptying the load into the boat, all done without diving equipment. When the boat is full enough it is steered back to shore and the sand is dried in the sun.
#12 Madagascar

Local vendors making a living in Madagascar.
#13 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The team visited Tomoca, the oldest coffee shop in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, which has been serving the finest Ethiopian coffee since the early 1950s.
#14 Burundi

Workers at the Teza tea plantation in Burundi. Tea is serious business in Burundi and, along with coffee, it is one of the country’s biggest exports.
#15 Mauritius

A Mauritian entrepreneur in his market store.