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In case you missed it: Our top 10 articles for (the first half of) 2012

Time surely flies in the world of online publishing. It is hard to believe that the first six months of 2012 are already gone. To remember the first half of the year, we compiled a list of How we made it in Africa’s most popular articles for 2012, so far.

1. Five Kenyan IT millionaires to watch

We look at five Kenyan entrepreneurs who have built major technology companies and made some serious money while at it. By Dinfin Mulupi Read more

2. Farmers are going to be driving Lamborghinis, says investor Jim Rogers

In the coming years agriculture will become one of the world’s most profitable sectors due to rising commodity prices, says legendary investor Jim Rogers. By Claude Harding Read more

3. How some western entrepreneurs are abandoning Silicon Valley for Africa

East Africa’s growing opportunities in the technology sector have proved too good to ignore for some entrepreneurs from western countries. By Dinfin Mulupi Read more

4. Ghana and Nigeria among world’s fastest growing economies in 2012/2013

The west African nations of Ghana and Nigeria are expected to be among the world’s fastest growing economies in 2012. By Claude Harding Read more

5. KFC’s African expansion an opportunity for farmers

The growth of Africa’s fast-food industry is opening up opportunities for farmers. By Jaco Maritz Read more

6. Ten businessmen who have ‘made it’ in east Africa

How we made it in Africa looks at ten outstanding entrepreneurs who have built large business empires in east Africa. By Dinfin Mulupi Read more

7. The man behind the ‘Netflix of Africa’

How we made it in Africa interviews Jason Njoku, founder of online Nollywood movie streaming platform iROKOtv. By Dinfin Mulupi Read more

8. Kenya’s oil discovery: The reality behind the hype

If Kenya does manage to evade the ‘oil curse’ that other African nations have grappled with, it will still take several years before the oil discovery translates to cash. By Dinfin Mulupi Read more

9. Biscuits and candy – the next big investment opportunities in Africa?

A number of companies have recently invested in biscuits and candies manufacturing on the continent. By Femi Adewunmi Read more

10. Why Mozambique’s gas discovery is a big deal

The recent natural gas discoveries off the coast of Mozambique are important because of the size of the reserves as well as the country’s relative proximity to markets in Asia. By Jaco Maritz Read more

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