Ice cream heats up in Africa

Polyoak’s impactful in-mould labelled tubs.

PRESS OFFICE: Polyoak Packaging

Polyoak Packaging is partnering with local ice cream manufacturers in Africa to help unlock the high growth potential, by offering convenient single-serve plastic cups with spoon-in-lid for on-the-go consumption.

Ice cream growth in Africa

The rising purchasing power of Africa’s emerging middle class is driving growth in the dairy sector, particularly ice cream and frozen yoghurt, which is increasingly associated with indulgence in Kenya and Uganda. Africa’s hot weather and growing youth population are also firmly behind the trend, as consumption is highest among children, teenagers and young adults.

Other factors include urbanisation and increased motor traffic, as highlighted by Euromonitor International. The Nigerian ice cream market specifically is bolstered by the growing influence of Western consumption habits and the desire for novel tastes.

Food safe packaging

In general, classic flavours such as vanilla and chocolate continue to fare well, but new flavour trends are becoming more prevalent, including those linked to wellness and indulgence. As dairy products are relatively prone to taking on foreign odours and taints, it is essential for ice cream manufacturers to partner with reputable packaging manufacturers with proved dairy experience, such as Polyoak Packaging.

Polyoak has been manufacturing dairy packaging for over thirty years. Its manufacturing plants are internationally certified for food safety and its raw materials are randomly migration tested to prevent tainting. Print decoration only utilises guaranteed approved food grade ink, and best of all, Polyoak’s ice cream cups are made from 100% polypropylene (PP) to be fully recyclable.

Keith Dilkes, Polyoak’s Export Sales Manager adds, “Niche ice cream flavour variants may retail at a slight price premium, so it is crucial to right-size packs to achieve appropriate price points. Polyoak’s 125ml plastic ice cream cup is extremely popular due to its convenient portion size. We now also offer a slightly larger 150ml cup for ice cream which will give the market more options.”

Cost efficient, quality assurance

The compact shape and size of Polyoak’s single serve cups enable efficient transportation, as they nest neatly into each other to save space and cost. As Polyoak manufactures all year round and enforces strict quality control procedures, it can offer consistent supply of high quality packaging, ranging from plastic tubs, closures PET bottles and preforms, to buckets, drums and aseptic carton systems.

Convenient spoon

The expansion of modern retail channels in Africa has improved the availability and visibility of single serve ice cream cups, especially in markets such as Nigeria through foodservice in cinemas for example (Euromonitor International).

Polyoak’s convenient spoon-in-lid ice cream cups are proving popular in Africa.

Packaging offering the convenience of spoon-in-lid presents a significant opportunity, as many single serve cups are purchased for on-the-go consumption. Polyoak’s ice cream cups come with a plastic overcap containing a spoon inside. The overcap can be clear to show off the spoon, or coloured with a brand message on top. These spoon-in-lid packs also work well for impulse sales by mobile vendors and kiosks.

Partner with Polyoak

As competition in Africa’s ice cream market intensifies, the number of organised players and new entrants is likely to increase. Local companies can manufacture competitively given the ready availability of natural raw materials, such as vanilla in Uganda and cocoa in Ghana. It will be crucially important to partner with a reliable packaging manufacturer to secure consistent supply of high quality packaging.

Dilkes concludes, “Ultimately it’s about finding the most effective packaging solution for the challenge at hand. For Polyoak, developing long term partnerships is key. We focus on trying to understand local African markets better, to be able to share some of our experience to benefit customers in this fast-developing region.”

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