How we made it in Africa is proud to announce a new media partnership with BiD Network

How we made it in Africa is proud to announce a new media partnership with BiD Network.

BiD Network contributes to sustainable economic growth by stimulating entrepreneurship in emerging markets. With over 46,000 members and 10,000 business plans, is the world’s largest online community for emerging market SMEs, coaches and investors. Since 2005, BiD Network has launched over 670 businesses, created more than 4700 direct jobs, and mobilised US$15 million from investors. In November 2010, BiD Network was chosen by a G-20 jury as one of the 14 most innovative SME finance organisations in the world. With the increased exposure on How We Made It In Africa, it is hoped that even more businesses will be started or grown across Africa.

As part of this partnership, BiD Network will highlight three finance ready plans every week. These are top businesses that have been subjected to the rigorous selection, coaching and matchmaking processes of BiD Network. They are ready for investment to expand their operations. With feasible business plans, a solid management team and real growth potential – finance ready plans deserve the attention of committed investors.

Increased visibility from a relevant audience is one of the major benefits of this partnership. The 80,000 monthly visitors of How we made it in Africa, in addition to their selection as a 2011 finalist of Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards, demonstrates the potential this partnership could generate assisting the growth of SMEs and prosperity across the continent.

BiD Network finance ready plans are available in the new section of the Opportunities tab.