Grow your business by investing in bottle filling technology

Aspiring entrepreneurs as well as established food and beverages companies can benefit from using MAREFA INTERNATIONAL’s state-of-the-art bottle filling equipment. We sat down with MAREFA’s Peter Vermaak to talk about the company’s products and the opportunities in bottle filling

Marefa International

MAREFA's bottle filling machines are suitable for a variety of liquids, including milk, yoghurt, juice, sauces, cosmetics, creams, detergents and chemicals.

Why is bottle filling a good business opportunity for African entrepreneurs?

MAREFA manufactures bottle and tub filling equipment. Our machines are suitable for a variety of liquids, including milk, yoghurt, juice, sauces, cosmetics, creams, detergents and chemicals. In addition to filling, our machines can also automatically label and cap the bottles.

More and more emphasis is being placed on community health and well-being by African leaders, by promoting safer consumption of beverages through sound processing and packaging methods as opposed to the consumption of unprocessed and possibly contaminated products.

This opens numerous opportunities to process and package products like milk, yoghurt, juice and water. MAREFA and its business partners have the professional skills required to help make your business opportunity in liquid bottle filling a profitable success.

The Inyange Dairy in Rwanda recently installed our machines to provide safe dairy products for human consumption. It also serves as an outlet for farmers to sell their milk cooperatively. Our equipment is, however, also suitable for smaller scale operations. Our entry level fillers don’t need a huge throughput of product to make the equipment viable.

What is MAREFA’s competitive advantage?

Our competitive advantage is the quality of our equipment and our after-sales service. We export machines into Europe, so they are EU compliant. Our equipment is also extremely robust and uncomplicated to use. Because we manufacture the majority of parts ourselves, we can easily provide clients with spare components. It is generally difficult to find spare parts for machines manufactured in Asia.

In the area of after-sales support, if a client’s machine breaks down we would fly a technician out anywhere in Africa to deal with the problem. We understand that if production stands still, it costs our client money. Our fast after-sales service is largely what has taken us to where we are at the moment.

How hygienic is MAREFA’s bottle filling equipment?

We have cut our teeth in the dairy business which is probably the most difficult industry in terms of hygiene. The equipment must be cleanable and of such a standard that no bacteria is trapped. If you can manufacture machines for the dairy industry, you can basically manufacture for any other sector.

Tell us more about the work you have done in Africa?

Our bottle filling machines are currently being used in a number of African countries outside South Africa, including Kenya, Zimbabwe and Angola. We have recently also installed the fillers at the Inyange Dairy in Kigali, Rwanda. This is a sizeable project and all their fresh milk and yoghurt will be bottled using our machines.


Entry level filling:

MAREFA’s 8 valve step filler is the perfect entry level filler. With minimal servicing required, this low maintenance, versatile, robust work horse can fill from 250ml to 5l bottles. This semi-automatic filling line can be modularly set up to suit your requirements, including labelling and capping. Start off small and build the line up as you grow or require. Capable of filling any liquid into a bottle, including milk, juice and water.

Yoghurt tub fillers:

Turn your milk into even more profit by adding value through yoghurt production and packaging. MAREFA provides from entry level, stand-alone tub fillers to fully automatic tub fillers and 6 pack fillers. Lower maintenance mechanical fillers provide the perfect filler for African conditions.

Rotary fillers/Automated filling lines:

MAREFA not only provides entry level filling equipment, but also designs and manufactures fully automated filling lines for a range of products. These solutions are designed with the client so as to provide the best and most efficient solution to the packaging needs, from bottle handling to filling, capping, labelling and end of line packaging solutions.

Contact details

For more information about MAREFA’s bottle filling equipment, please contact:

Peter Vermaak

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