Forum aims to put Senegal on Africa’s local content map

PRESS OFFICE: African Energy Chamber

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) is organising a forum on local content development in Senegal on 13 September 2018, at the Radisson Blu Dakar Sea Plaza.

Organised in partnership with Les Conférences du Quotidien, the forum will be presided by Prime Minister Mahammed Dionne and will gather the key stakeholders of Senegal’s hydrocarbons value chain, including the heads of COS-Petrogaz and Petrosen.

Under the guidance of pan-African energy legal and advisory firm Centurion, the forum will be formulating recommendations on the best strategies to regulate and support the development of a strong Senegalese content.

Says NJ Ayuk, CEO of Centurion and executive chairman of the AEC,As Senegal gets closer to its first flow of oil and gas by 2021, it is important to look at local content experiences in Africa and internationally and draw the necessary lessons for Senegal to be the new frontrunner of African content.”

Hydrocarbons discoveries in Senegal are giving the West African nation an opportunity to position itself as a competitive oil and gas frontier on the continent, and set new standards for hydrocarbons governance in Africa and globally.

However, given the country’s limited experience in hydrocarbons, the development of Senegal’s oil and gas value chain will need to rely on foreign capital and technology. Making sure that such inflow translates into local job and growth opportunities becomes then a major issue to ensure the sustainability of the industry and the social responsibility of its projects.

The development of robust and transparent regulations, which put local capacity building at the heart of policy-making, would provide Senegal with a very efficient framework to prevent external negativities associated with the exploitation of fossil fuels and the threat of the oil curse.

Having spearheaded the development of strong African content across most of Africa’s hydrocarbons market, the African Energy Chamber looks forward to supporting and guiding Senegal while it implements the necessary frameworks for the development of its own local content.

About the African Energy Chamber

the African Energy Chamber is a pan-African chamber of commerce and industry which seeks to promote investments, local content development and international partnerships across Africa’s energy industries, along with advocating for transparency, accountability and the adoption of best international business practices across the continent.


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