Efficiency will be the most valuable currency in 2016



The need to cut costs and boost efficiency will continue to be a priority for forward-thinking businesses looking to flourish in an already unforgiving economy. Innovative new technology and software that allows businesses to centralise document and print management is key to streamlining workflow in the year to come.

Print and document management isn’t merely a trend, but rather a necessary shift in thinking towards a more cohesive, cognisant and accountable workspace.

Clever cost cutting

Often the most effective cost-cutting measures are also the most obvious. Print management software can decrease a business’s print costs by up to 30%, simply by implementing tools that track print jobs, devices and hardware and enforce accountable, eco-friendly practices.

Eco-conscious workspaces

Downscaling the number of print devices used in a business, as well as reducing the number of documents printed in error can significantly shrink costs. 2016 will also see the growth of ‘green’ workspaces, and better management of print services will drive a reduction in CO2 emissions, paper waste and energy consumption.

Dynamic management

Centralised document management is another trend we’ll see gain momentum. Modern, flexible workspaces demand access to information at any time of day, from anywhere in the world, and a consolidated document storage system is the easiest way to achieve this congruency.

An efficient document management system allows for tracking throughout the life cycle of a document – from creation to destruction. This software also enforces strict security policies for increased confidentiality – a must for modern businesses looking to avoid data leaks.

Driving efficiency

Managed document services have significant implications for time-saving in business. The ability to access documents remotely, at any time, gives employees and employers the freedom to complete tasks efficiently and effectively, without being stalled by lengthy, archaic processes.

For example, a form filled out by one employee can be completed, submitted and reviewed by all the necessary individuals within a matter of minutes, instead of the same form floating through an organisation or lying dormant on a colleague’s desk waiting for feedback. Enhanced workflow, in turn, frees up time for employees to complete more tasks on any given day – a key benefit for businesses experiencing staff cutbacks.

Forward-thinking businesses need to constantly remain ahead of the curve by embracing relevant, innovative technology trends as enablers rather than ends in themselves. This is why practical solutions such as centralised print and document management will continue to grow, as businesses find increasingly flexible and effective ways to boost productivity and efficiency.

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