DRC sees 417% increase in Facebook users

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the African country that has shown the greatest growth in Facebook users over the past three months.

According to statistics portal Socialbakers.com, the number of Facebook users in the DRC has increased by 416.98% over the past three months to reach a total of 412,340. Worldwide, only China has experienced faster growth with that country’s users advancing by 612.19% to reach 659,060.

The DRC’s rapid growth is, however, from a low base and the country only ranks 91st in the world for its total number of registered users. Internet penetration in the DRC, which has a population of around 70 million, is still very low.

The ten African countries that have shown the fastest growth in Facebook users over the past three months are:

1. Democratic Republic of Congo
Growth: 416.98%
Total number of users: 412,340

2. Central African Republic
Growth: 387.79%
Total number of users: 54,340

3. Chad
Growth: 165.02%
Total number of users: 12,880

4. Sierra Leone
Growth: 160.76%
Total number of users: 34,160

5. Somalia
Growth: 146.91%
Total number of users: 17,580

6. Burundi
Growth: 92.11%
Total number of users: 17,520

7. Guinea
Growth: 78.05%
Total number of users: 25,140

8. Republic of the Congo
Growth: 74.72%
Total number of users: 37,880

9. Eritrea
Growth: 60.24%
Total number of users: 16,120

10. Angola
Growth: 56.63%
Total number of users: 156,600