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Kenya’s modern shopping mall boom reaches secondary towns

Buffalo Mall will be the first mall in the town of Naivasha.

Africa’s middle class boasts high returns in consumer goods markets, says KPMG

The single-largest investment and business opportunity in Africa will be its rising consumer market.

Smart shoppers: Value matters to African consumers

As disposable income is limited, African consumers are selective and smart about what they purchase.

Pace of new property developments in Africa could pick up

How we made it in Africa talks to Kevin Teeroovengadum, a director for real estate at Actis, about the trends in the continent’s property industry.

Construction work starts on modern shopping mall in Kano

Construction work on the new Ado Bayero modern shopping mall in the northern Nigerian city of Kano officially started last week.

Group of South African companies involved in Malawi mall

A number of South African companies are involved in the construction of a shopping centre in Lilongwe, Malawi.