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Financing Africa’s massive projects

Innovative bankrolling gains popularity and raises high hopes among key countries.

Blackstone’s Steve Schwarzman on Dangote and investing in Africa

Blackstone CEO discusses the firm’s recent investment in Africa.

Africa Tech Trends: Operators shedding their tower infrastructure

Africa Tech Trends is a fortnightly column by Tom Jackson focusing on the most important developments in Africa’s technology industry.

Consultant highlights five myths about doing business in Africa

Martin Tronquit, managing partner of research firm Infomineo, looks at five misconceptions about Africa.

Unleashing Africa’s immense potential: Connectivity is critical

The economic payoff of greater connectivity could be immense.

Addressing Africa’s infrastructure deficit

When it comes to addressing the infrastructure deficit in Africa, it’s all about the preparation.

Getting the private sector involved in infrastructure development in SADC

The SADC recognises the importance of public-private partnerships in funding development projects.

Why Africa should have a regional approach to its energy development

A key area that will require greater and smarter investment to fuel the region’s economic growth will be the energy sector.

Thinking outside the box: an innovative solution for Africa’s infrastructure woes

“The biggest threat to Africa is not invasion by neighbours; it is poverty.”

Six remarkable African infrastructure projects

KPMG recently released its Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition. How we made it in Africa takes a look at the six African projects that were included in the top 100.

Why Siemens sees a business opportunity in Africa’s fast growing cities

Cities will play a critical role in Africa’s economic future, says Siegmar Pröbstl, CEO of Siemens Africa.

How green are Africa’s cities?

Many sub-Saharan African cities included in the Siemens African Green City Index face considerable environmental problems.

Africa needs modern infrastructure to support economic growth

One of the major setbacks that affects development in Africa has to do with the lack of a strong infrastructure base.

Nigeria’s south-western states to establish JV for infrastructure development

Nigeria’s south-western states (Ekiti, Ondo, Osun and Lagos States) are set to establish a joint venture in a bid to improve infrastructure in the region.

Public private partnerships – the answer to Nigeria’s infrastructure problems?

Nigeria’s infrastructure challenge is huge and the involvement of the private sector is not just desirous, but necessary.