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Six emerging real estate investment hotspots in Africa

According to property portal Lamudi, likely real estate opportunities in 2015 lie in emerging cities.

Ranked: African cities with the top potential for inclusive growth

The 2014 MasterCard African Cities Growth Index ranks 74 cities in terms of their potential for inclusive growth.

Africa’s 15 hottest investment zones

Sub-Saharan Africa has seen a 4.7% increase in foreign direct investment in 2013.

Finding the right chord: A look at integration in North Africa

The countries of North Africa trade and invest less in each other’s economies than any other region in the world.

Internet access is no longer a luxury across Africa

Fibre-optic internet cables could leap-frog Africa into the future.

Four things you need to know about doing business in North Africa

Despite their geographical proximity, the countries of North Africa vary greatly. While some nations are still dealing with the effects of the Arab Spring, it is business as usual in others.

Analyst looks at where Porsche should seek to expand in Africa

Euromonitor’s household income data suggests African countries where Porsche may do good business.

AfDB reports significant opportunities of shale gas production in Africa

It is vital that shale gas production be accompanied by good environmental planning and management.

New research reveals Africa has 42 dollar-billionaires

Wealth-X and UBS census describes the profiles of Africa’s dollar-billionaires.

North Africa ideal for investment and expansion, says consultant

North African countries offer business opportunities in a range of industries.

Africa can invent: Leapfrogging in unsuspected areas

African countries need to increase spending on research in order to grow innovation.

Rand Merchant Bank lists six African countries worthy of investor attention

South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt are not the only countries with strong economic growth.

Analysis: what are the market opportunities for beauty companies in North Africa?

A look at the beauty market opportunities in North Africa’s Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Eye on North Africa: January 2011

North Africa specialist Francois Conradie looks at the region’s most important business and politics stories for the month of January 2011.

Unpacking the Tunisia crisis

Images of people rioting in the streets don’t reflect well upon a country’s image abroad. This is especially the case for countries that are popular tourist destinations.