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Meet the Boss: NJ Ayuk, managing partner, Centurion Law Group

“To keep going forward we can’t be held back by this self-bigotry of low expectation.”

Equatorial Guinea offering more opportunities than just oil

The oil and gas industry has transformed the economy of Equatorial Guinea, a small Central African country with a population of less than 1m people.

Oil rich African countries will become complacent, economist warns

While GDP figures indicate growth, this does not necessarily translate into economic development.

Seeking out opportunities and managing the risk – how Lonrho operates in Africa

UK-based Lonrho, an Africa-focused investment group, makes about 80% of its profits from countries deemed as high-risk.

Equatorial Guinea president invites investors

Equatorial Guinea President, Teodoro Obiang, has emphasised his desire to make Equatorial Guinea a business-friendly destination for investment.