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The rise of emerging market competitors in sub-Saharan Africa

Emerging markets-based companies pose competitive threats to Western firms.

Swedish investors have eye on Africa’s ICT industry

Tech giant Ericsson is seeing “phenomenal potential” in sub-Saharan Africa.

Private equity investors face unique challenges in sub-Saharan Africa

“Every country is different, as are their regulatory and financial landscapes.”

Unlocking Africa’s mining potential: The IFC’s three areas of development

Consolidating maps of where minerals lie and developing local procurement and infrastructure are key to mining in Africa.

Africa remains a favoured investment destination for Chinese firms

“When Chinese firms consider investment destinations around the world, Africa is always top of mind.”

Investec Asset Management targets mid-sized African companies

Investec recently invested in Nigeria-based Daraju Industries, which manufactures affordable home and personal care products.

IBM manager highlights lessons learnt in Africa’s technology sector

What worked in Brazil, India or China will not necessarily work in Africa, says IBM East Africa head.

Why South African mining is losing its appeal to Australian investors

Investors are wary of labour strife, the nationalisation debate and government accountability in South Africa.

Under construction: ‘Niger is like a newborn country’

After a decade of little growth, Gaïcha Saddy is positively surprised by recent development projects in Niger.

Understand Africa’s uniqueness and be rewarded in 2014

RisCura offers thoughts on the challenges of investing in sub-Saharan Africa.

What private equity holds for Africa this year

Private equity valuation specialist Rory Ord shares his thoughts on the future of private equity deals in Africa.

French fertiliser manufacturer targets commercial farmers in East Africa

Roullier Group launches Kenyan branch for its premium fertilisers.

Africa moving forward, but significant work remains, says Old Mutual boss

Even though one of his company’s projects had been nationalised, Julian Roberts remains optimistic about Africa’s future.

Made in Ethiopia: Fashion retailer H&M looks to sub-Saharan Africa for suppliers

“We see great potential in Ethiopia and we see that we can contribute to jobs and reduce the unemployment in the country.”

Emerging markets outlook: Shaping the next decade

The Templeton Emerging Markets Group highlights trends that could affect investment in emerging markets.