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Zimbabwe: Africa’s best-kept secret?

Anna Rosenberg finds Zimbabwe holds large opportunities for business, despite the country’s dire economic and political crisis.

Zambia: High potential, but the country is at a crossroad

Zambia has all ingredients for economic success, but erratic and inconsistent government policies hold back growth.

The changing face of Lagos

My recent visit to Lagos has changed my perception of Nigeria’s commercial capital.

The glory and pitfalls of the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit

Nigerians’ desire for upward social mobility is the driving force of the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Nigeria: Insecurity and its impact on business

Opinions among local entrepreneurs and international business leaders about Nigeria’s security challenges differ widely.

Ethiopia – cracking the local code

Anna Rosenberg shares her insights on business potential in Ethiopia.

Kenya setting the scene for business in East Africa, says analyst

Anna Rosenberg finds that Kenya is ahead of other East African countries in many areas.

Five trends that will impact your sub-Saharan African business in 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa will remain on a positive growth trajectory, attracting companies from across the world.

The rise of emerging market competitors in sub-Saharan Africa

Emerging markets-based companies pose competitive threats to Western firms.

Three new trends that will impact Nigeria over the coming months

Technological and political developments are forcing companies to adjust strategies for long-term growth.

‘In terms of doing business, Nigeria is junior school while Angola is university’

“Most people I have so far spoken to confirm that Angola is an extremely difficult place to do business.”

‘Angola is a sea of opportunities but an ocean of difficulties’

“Even though I knew Angola’s capital is famously the most expensive city in the world, prices are even beyond one’s wildest imagination.”

Four observations about sub-Saharan Africa’s competitive landscape

While there is much talk about competition coming from other emerging market companies, the issue in sub-Saharan Africa seems far more nuanced than that.

Adapt to Nigeria’s changing business environment

Nigeria is changing rapidly. The size of the economy may expand 40-60% overnight, new online sales channels are booming, and the security situation is deteriorating.

Three key trends that will shape Nigeria in 2013

Anna Rosenberg, a senior analyst for sub-Saharan Africa at Frontier Strategy Group, looks at the developments that will shape West Africa’s economic powerhouse in the new year.