Low cost carrier introduces competition on Maputo route

South African low cost carrier, 1time airline, last week announced it will operate five flights a week between Johannesburg and Maputo, Mozambique, commencing 12 August 2010.

Flying five times a week, 1time makes use of the full capacity granted to operate this route, in relation to existing bilateral agreements.

Desmond O’Connor, commercial director says: “The good news is not just that we are able to operate this route, but for the consumer, it means that flying is accessible to a large market that couldn’t afford to fly.

“1time’s prices will start at about 50% less than its competitors. There hasn’t been any competition on this route, and for the very first time, not only is an airline competing with the national carriers between the cities, but 1time, a low cost carrier, will open the cities to a market that couldn’t afford to fly before due to the high air ticket prices,” O’Connor added.

Linhas Aéres de Moçambique (LAM) and South African Airways have thus far exclusively operated the route.

“We are extremely excited about bringing the new experience of low cost travel to Mozambique. The feeling to us of being allowed to enter a new African destination is like winning the bid to host the world cup, except we are here to stay.” says Rodney James, 1time’s CEO.

“When we enter a market, fares are smashed by 50% and the market grows. It’s about time low fare airlines were allowed to operate into Africa. It’s Africa’s time to reap the benefits of point to point travel at affordable fares,” Rodney added.

In addition to its domestic routes, 1time currently operates flights to Zanzibar and Livingstone, Zambia.