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Notes from the Nigerian frontier

Despite some political and economic instability, Nigeria offers a range of investment and growth opportunities.

Why Africa should have a regional approach to its energy development

A key area that will require greater and smarter investment to fuel the region’s economic growth will be the energy sector.

Why Africa’s electricity generation costs are among the highest in the world

Africa’s power sector is facing many challenges, mainly due to insufficient generation capacity, which has limited electricity supply, resulting in low access.

SA’s first wind turbine manufacturer gearing up for production

How we made it in Africa talks to Thomas Schaal, co-founder of I-WEC, South Africa’s first large-scale wind turbine producer.

China to build power plant in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) said on Monday it had signed a 14 billion CFA franc ($30.6 million) deal with a Chinese company to complete construction of a 10 megawatt power plant that would increase power supply to the capital.

Uganda looking to lure investors in rural electrification

Uganda’s energy minister, Simon D’Ujanga, has revealed the government is toying with the idea of giving special incentives to companies investing in rural electrification.

China to build hydroelectric dam in DRC

China’s Sinohydro, the company behind the Three Gorges Dam, will build a hydroelectric dam in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a deal said to be worth $367 million.

Nigeria kicks off road shows to woo energy investors

Nigeria on Tuesday kicked-off a series of investor road shows for the planned multi-billion dollar privatisation of its power sector, soliciting interest in electricity distribution companies and power stations.

Actis increases stake in West African power plant

Actis, a private equity investor focused solely on emerging markets, has confirmed that its portfolio company, Globeleq, has acquired a majority interest in the Azito gas-fired power plant near Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire.

US companies to become more active in Africa, says Symbion CEO

Paul Hinks, CEO of US energy firm Symbion Power LLC, has said that in recent history, American construction companies have been noticeable by their absence in Africa.

Can micro hydro boost economic development in rural Africa?

Micro hydro power systems have the potential to spur economic development in rural Africa. How we made it in Africa interviewed Wim Jonker Klunne, senior researcher at the CSIR.

French firm looking to establish solar projects in Africa

French company, Lucas Import Export, is looking to establish solar farm projects in countries across Africa.

Japan to construct solar power plant in Botswana

A one megawatt (MW) solar power station is set to be built in Botswana, the first of its kind in the country.

Firms looking to reduce dependency on state power utilities

In line with the prevailing commodities boom, we foresee a similar trend on sources of power such as coal and uranium. However, the critical shortage of power has also had a negative impact on economies.

Manufacture wind turbine components in Egypt

The Egyptian government is seeking to develop selective wind turbine components to serve the increasing demand from local and regional markets.