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Start-up snapshot: Wind power to improve rural electrification in Ethiopia

Kenefas Energy Solution seeks to design and manufacture micro wind turbines that generate up to 1KW for use in rural areas.

How Uganda is turning waste into power

Across East Africa, increases in processing of agricultural products is being accompanied by an increase in organic waste.

Ten reasons why 2015 is a crucial year for Africa

The year ahead holds incredible opportunity – as well as considerable risk.

Africa’s transforming energy sector demands new approach from industry players

“There is no sign of Africa’s exploration activity slowing down, and the continent is expected to continue on its growth path as its attractiveness as an investment destination for the sector becomes ever more apparent due to its untapped resources and potential of new discoveries.”

Africa’s economy set for dramatic changes

An interview with Carlos Lopes, the executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa.

African oil and energy sector fuelling global investor growth, says DHL

While oil and gas activity in West Africa is nothing new, it is the activity in East Africa which is creating a stir amongst exploration companies and of course, their suppliers.

Certain guerrilla tactics required to develop energy projects in Africa

Investec team shares learnings from financing and developing a power project in Mozambique.

Oil and mining to be the backbone of East Africa’s economic growth

Oil, gas and mining developments could have positive spill-over effects for the rest of the economy.

Notes from the Nigerian frontier

Despite some political and economic instability, Nigeria offers a range of investment and growth opportunities.

Why Africa should have a regional approach to its energy development

A key area that will require greater and smarter investment to fuel the region’s economic growth will be the energy sector.

Why Africa’s electricity generation costs are among the highest in the world

Africa’s power sector is facing many challenges, mainly due to insufficient generation capacity, which has limited electricity supply, resulting in low access.

SA’s first wind turbine manufacturer gearing up for production

How we made it in Africa talks to Thomas Schaal, co-founder of I-WEC, South Africa’s first large-scale wind turbine producer.

China to build power plant in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) said on Monday it had signed a 14 billion CFA franc ($30.6 million) deal with a Chinese company to complete construction of a 10 megawatt power plant that would increase power supply to the capital.

Uganda looking to lure investors in rural electrification

Uganda’s energy minister, Simon D’Ujanga, has revealed the government is toying with the idea of giving special incentives to companies investing in rural electrification.

China to build hydroelectric dam in DRC

China’s Sinohydro, the company behind the Three Gorges Dam, will build a hydroelectric dam in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a deal said to be worth $367 million.