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Eight African business trends to profit from in 2015

Africa is rich in distinct market trends.

Breaking rules: Talking Nigerian showbiz with Nollywood pioneer

“We don’t want to win Oscars. Believe me; we are not interested in that stuff. We want an effective product that will make money.”

Africa’s ‘Davos’ of top new generation leaders

Harnet Bokrezion talks to Rakhee Mediratta, chief operating officer of the African Leadership Network.

Random reflections from a week in Lusaka

How we made it in Africa’s‘s Kate Douglas reflects on some of the business and social characteristics of Lusaka.

Consultant highlights five myths about doing business in Africa

Martin Tronquit, managing partner of research firm Infomineo, looks at five misconceptions about Africa.

10 key quotes from the US-Africa Leaders Summit

How we made it in Africa looks at some of the key quotes and points that came out of the summit.

Want to crack the Nigerian market? Five tips for consumer goods companies

McKinsey shares some strategies for success in the Nigerian market.

Are South Africans seen as too arrogant when doing business on the continent?

“There is a wariness about South Africans and how they do business.”

Don’t ignore what Africa does best – the informal sector

Nigerian-American journalist and author, Dayo Olopade, talks about the heart of Africa’s commercial activity.

Moving outside of Lagos: Five Nigerian cities with business potential

Looking beyond Lagos at potential for consumer facing companies in Nigerian cities.

Terrorism in a land of opportunity: What should investors make of Nigeria?

“In the mist of every chaos lies the opportunity.”

Lawyer shares five pieces of advice for companies expanding into Africa

From market research to finding a good lawyer, Jacqueline Musiitwa shares her advice to foreign businesses.

Five things on the Millennial wish list

Barry Salzberg asks: What does the Millennial generation want to be when it grows up?

Carl Bates on making a business about more than the founder

“Craftsmanship is about sustaining the small; it’s not about becoming a big organisation.”

Eight thoughts on growing your business from five to 50 people

Strategies for entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and achieve sustainable growth.