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Don’t ignore what Africa does best – the informal sector

Nigerian-American journalist and author, Dayo Olopade, talks about the heart of Africa’s commercial activity.

Moving outside of Lagos: Five Nigerian cities with business potential

Looking beyond Lagos at potential for consumer facing companies in Nigerian cities.

Terrorism in a land of opportunity: What should investors make of Nigeria?

“In the mist of every chaos lies the opportunity.”

Lawyer shares five pieces of advice for companies expanding into Africa

From market research to finding a good lawyer, Jacqueline Musiitwa shares her advice to foreign businesses.

Five things on the Millennial wish list

Barry Salzberg asks: What does the Millennial generation want to be when it grows up?

Carl Bates on making a business about more than the founder

“Craftsmanship is about sustaining the small; it’s not about becoming a big organisation.”

Eight thoughts on growing your business from five to 50 people

Strategies for entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and achieve sustainable growth.

Why Africa is an ‘exciting’ market for SAP

“We can help local companies compete and be as good as the multinationals coming to Africa.”

South African firms need to tap into opportunities in rest of continent, says Martyn Davies

“We are arguably losing ground to many other competitors in the region.”

10 things business people should know about dealing with the media

Talking with the media is a great way for a company or brand to gain exposure with the public, investors, and business partners.

Discussing Kenya’s business environment and the upcoming elections

“I truly do not expect Kenya to have violence that will be anywhere near the scale of the 2007/2008 post election violence.”

Manufacture quality beverages for the growing African market

Soda King, a South Africa-based manufacturer of soft drinks and purified water, is offering business people and entrepreneurs across the continent a unique franchise opportunity to establish a localised bottling plant.

A sober approach to business in Africa

“Foreign investors frequently have a ‘know-it-all’ mentality and think they can make a success of any venture in countries where they have no experience, often only to see their businesses collapse.”

Nigeria not a country for weaklings

While a mere week spent in Nigeria is by no means sufficient to become an expert on the country, it was a great experience to better understand how companies are dealing with challenges and opportunities on the ground.

Why dairy production is a good business venture

Central Milk, a South Africa-based manufacturer of stainless steel equipment for the dairy industry, is able to offer African farmers a complete solution for the establishment of a dairy processing facility.