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Africa Tech Trends: Another week of farce on African digital migration

Tom Jackson talks about the reality of Africa’s unpreparedness for its migration to digital broadcasting.

GDP and population data not enough to predict brand success in Africa

Hard retail data, consumer needs and behaviour, combined with macro-economic datasets, are better indicators of opportunity in African markets.

Entries now open for Africa’s $75,000 youth entrepreneurship prize

The Anzisha Prize is now accepting applications for 2015 with launch events across the African continent.

Factors private equity firms consider when investing in African mining

Private equity industry experts discuss what they consider when looking at potential mining deals.

Why agriculture and agribusiness can change Africa’s story

Agribusiness, centred around smallholder farmers, could change Africa’s growth and transformation story.

Tony Blair’s principles for partnerships between African governments and investors

Tony Blair’s five principles that govern mutually-beneficial relationships between African governments and foreign investors.

Flood of interest in Pumps Valves & Pipes Africa

The global pump and valve manufacturing industry is showing renewed interest in this year’s Pumps Valves and Pipes Africa Expo (PVPA).

How and where to access Africa’s growth

How can investors access Africa’s growth efficiently and effectively?

Cecil John Rhodes didn’t do Africa nicely, but there are things we can learn from him

Despite his questionable approach to business, modern-day companies looking to sell into Africa can take a few hints from the mining magnate.

Targeting the African consumer: Why size often matters

According to Michael Wood, founder of Aperio, a common mistake made by consumer-facing companies in Africa is getting their product sizes wrong.

How Philips is adapting its global strategy to better address the African market

Philips has adopted a number of strategies to make its global portfolio more relevant for African economies.

How Philips is using mobile phones to combat counterfeits in Africa

JJ van Dongen, senior vice president for Philips Africa, shares the company’s strategy for combating counterfeit products in Africa.

Why technology is key to Africa’s future

Technology has been key to many of Africa’s most exciting developments in recent years.

Five African investment hotspots for 2015

I’m often asked where I’ll will be investing in the coming months and years? So here are five hotspots that I’d highlight for 2015.

Five reasons to be upbeat about Africa’s insurance industry

Elmehdi Amid, a senior analyst at Infomineo, highlights five realities supporting the idea of a booming African insurance market.