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Nigeria overtakes South Africa as continent’s largest economy

After months of speculation, Nigeria today officially overtook South Africa as the largest economy on the continent.

Insight into how Africa uses Twitter

Johannesburg is Africa’s most active city on Twitter.

‘The diaspora has a chance to be part of something big in Africa’

The African diaspora is playing a significant role in the continent’s growth story.

Africa’s biggest business opportunities expo turns 21

Billed as the biggest business opportunities event on the African continent, SAITEX, the Southern African International Trade Exhibition, celebrates its 21st edition this year.

Job Board: Vacancies for 29 January 2014

The latest vacancies posted on the How we made it in Africa Job Board.

Africa’s Big Seven: 22–24 June 2014

Africa’s Big Seven (AB7) is the undoubted leading continental showcase for the whole spectrum of the food & beverage industry.

SAITEX: 22–24 June 2014

SAITEX has for 21 years provided a successful platform to international companies wanting to enter the increasing lucrative African market and for African businessmen looking to establish viable businesses targeting the disposable incomes of Africa’s rapidly expanding middle class population.

Job Board: Vacancies for 21 January 2014

Want to put your degree to good use? Struggling to find talented personnel in Africa? Look no further than the How we made it in Africa Job Board.

Addressing the need to open Africa’s skies

At present over a quarter of air routes in Africa are served by only one carrier.

Addressing Africa’s infrastructure deficit

When it comes to addressing the infrastructure deficit in Africa, it’s all about the preparation.

Malawi-based entrepreneur has big plans for property listing site Pakwathu

At the age of 21, Gonjetso Chinyama is the founder of Pakwathu, a website that allows users to search for properties in Malawi.

Eight thoughts on growing your business from five to 50 people

Strategies for entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and achieve sustainable growth.

South Africa: a land of extremes for entrepreneurs

South Africa presents both strong opportunities and barriers to success for local entrepreneurs.

How to get private equity exits in Africa right

Private equity as an asset class has received reasonable prominence in Africa in recent times.

High African growth rates distort the real development image

“How many times have you heard that many of the fastest-growing economies in the world at the moment are in Africa?”