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Why African companies should view China as a market, not as competition

“China is no longer the factory of the world. China is becoming the market of the world.”

New survey reveals growing war for talent in Africa

Competition for talent is increasing in Africa.

Sisal production akin to ‘printing money’ suggests METL Group boss

“Today the prices of sisal in the world are US$2,000 a ton, and my cost of production is $700 a ton.”

Five smart steps to grow your business in Africa

Africa offers potentially lucrative returns for both local and international companies with a knack for spotting opportunities and the ability to think outside the box.

Seeing the future through the eyes of young Africans

I am more convinced than ever that the single biggest constraint to the growth of multinationals in Africa is perspective.

Africa will rise, but the rise will be neither linear nor guaranteed

“There are some dangers in overstating the ‘Africa rising’ view,” says Goldman Sachs head.

Phatisa sees increasing investor interest in Africa’s food supply chain

How we made it in Africa asks private equity fund manager Phatisa about its investments in Africa’s agricultural sector.

Mysimax looking for new investors to support education rise in Africa

Mysimax’s project in Africa can become an astounding first, a symbol of Africa’s opening up to the rest of the world.

Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund invests in the Meridian Group

Meridian’s main focus is the manufacture and distribution of specialised fertiliser blends.

Gulf investors increasingly looking to African infrastructure

New report shows Gulf companies are increasing their exposure to African infrastructure, primarily telecommunications, ports and power.

Bayer targeting African small-scale farmers with innovative packaging

Bayer CropScience is hoping to win over small-scale farmers in Africa with smaller pack sizes.

How to market your business in the world’s last growth frontier – Africa

Successfully marketing a brand across such a diverse continent as Africa is no easy task.

US agriculture giant Dow AgroSciences to grow Africa footprint

“We look at Africa as a place where there are lots of crops for which the yields and quality can be improved.”

Expanding Africa’s digital frontier: Farmers show the way

Harnessing the rapid growth of digital technologies holds hope for transformative agricultural development.

Navigating tax uncertainty in Africa

How can African governments balance the budget required for physical and social infrastructure with taxation required for economic growth?