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African countries weak as individuals, powerful as collectives

For potential to be truly realised, African economies need to view each other less as competitors, and more as economic partners.

Five common mistakes to avoid when setting up a business in Africa

Mistakes first-time investors (especially those from the diaspora) make when embarking on the journey to build a business in Africa.

Allan Gray on finding investment opportunities in Africa

Investing in Africa has its constraints, but the continent also presents a range of compelling opportunities.

Africa’s overlapping trade blocs trigger illegal trade

A look at how overlapping membership of trade regimes can trigger illegal trade, using Kenya’s sugar sector as an example.

How do African countries stack up against other emerging markets?

And should African markets be doing more to compete for global investment?

International retailers eyeing East Africa should not underestimate local players

Local players will give international retailers a “run for their money”, notes Broll CEO.

Africa Tech Trends: The growing power of mapping

Tom Jackson looks at the most important developments in Africa’s technology industry.

Consumer demand will drive the next wave of African private equity investments

KPMG’s Dapo Okubadejo argues US private equity houses are more bullish than European counterparts.

African trade policies have to match its industrialisation imperative

Without diversified economies, Africa will remain prone to exogenous shocks, with high levels of unemployment and extreme poverty.

How healthy is Africa’s sovereign bond debt?

Analysts caution against accumulating too much.

The gilded cage: Who does the CFA franc really benefit?

Does this regional currency benefit France and African elites at the expense of local economies?

Africa Tech Trends: Is Apple building a bigger physical presence on the continent?

Tom Jackson looks at the most important developments in Africa’s technology industry.

Bust or boom? Oil prices and Africa

The massive drop in petroleum prices may be a blessing in disguise for many African countries.

Widespread adoption of open skies policies still key to Africa’s economic growth

While Africa is home to 12% of the world’s population, it still accounts for less than 1% of the global air service market.

Consumer demand and e-commerce to drive logistics industry in Africa

DHL expects 2015 to be a year of growth for the logistics industry on the African continent.